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An album by my favourite band green day. Released in 2004.
It is a "rock opera" and tells the story of some young kids in modern america, and says a big fuck you to politians. some fucktards believe this album made green day sellouts, but they are just trying to be cool and thinking they are the true fans because they have nimrod and dookie! well fuck you so do i! And if you arsewipes actually sat your fat asses down and listened to it you would realise it is good, maybe not as good as dookie, but still good. Green day are NOT SELLOUTS. Its not their fault people liked american idiot. They didn't know people would, they have always said they write for themselves not others. And yes, some people have only got american idiot, and you find it extremely funny to call them teenyboppers and shit, but its not their fault they were only like two went dookie was realised, and how were they to known MTV was shit before they actaully watched it. Nothing is going to change by you telling the world you don't like it! And just admit it Billie Joe is hot!
faggot: omg green day sucks,they sold out since american idiot! i love dookie i'm a true fan
*gun shot*
me *blows top of gun* nicely done if i do say so myself:)
by x-greendayfan-x January 4, 2006
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the one hailed day of the week where i don't have to give a fuck that i have to work so hard for. when you think about it, its our only free day, obviously its the work week, monday to friday, then theres sunday, where you have to get ready for school next day eg the hated-homework, shower, early night.Most good programs are on t.v, late nights are had, parties happen, meet your mates, chill out
by x-greendayfan-x January 27, 2006
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