A general word that encompasses all negative emotions. Commonly used to convey disappointment, frustration, or general discontent
Hey Jacob we are out of Raisin Bran.

Jacob: fuck I'm sarce
by Nate reddy6969 April 11, 2021
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Adding the word in brackets so as nobody misunderstands the true meaning of a sarcastic statement: (sarc!)
by Leonidas299 September 17, 2013
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(n) Slang for sarcasm, most commonly used in the south side of Chicago. Also used for someone who commonly uses sarcasm.

(v) To use sarcasm.
(n) Stop being such a sarc, you need to be serious!

(v) Are you 4 real or are you sarcing me?
by Sarclover09 December 9, 2009
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a shorter term of the word sarcasm

used in place of "kidding"

to be sarcastic to
"Mrs. Burke just ripped up my paper."
"Are you sarcing me?!?!?!?"
by yewmakemegouhh July 7, 2005
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When written at the end of a comment, "/sarc" indicates that the writer has been in "sarcastic mode," informing the readers not to take the comment seriously.

The term is a parody of HTML codes, in which one exits a text format by putting a slash in front of the style type. Thus, to stop text from being bold, one would code "/b"; so (humorously) to exit a comment that has been sarcastic, one writes "/sarc."

"The Islamic oppression in Darfur is getting worse, and the United Nations is more useless than tits on a nun. It infuriates me that the U.S. tolerates the constant undercurrent of anti-American rubbish and lies.

Honestly, of all the things that the U.N. has done, or has attempted to do, how many of them have turned out well?

It's all a load of socialist utopian claptrap and they need to move to Geneva!"

posted by: Shepherd Book


"Well, you can't spell 'UNNECESSARY' without U-N."

posted by: Capt. Malcolm Reynolds


"The only reason that the U.N. is completely ineffective is due to a lack of funding.

As the world's lone superpower, America is morally obligated to donate at least 30 percent of our GDP to help make the world a better place. That kind of cash infusion would also help increase the General Assembly's budget for drugs and hookers.

Give peace a chance."


posted by: River Tam

by (I am) John Doe May 16, 2009
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The /sarc tag is used to denote the presence of sarcasm in the preceding text. It is commonly used in the comment sections of highly rational blogs, zerohedge.com being a prime example, to clue in those who as of yet, have not got the joke.
The Federal Reserve Bank is an institution which endeavors to serve the best interests of the citizens of the U.S.

by The Tylers September 14, 2013
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Verb- Sexually assaulting or harassing somebody. Usually done in a central park otherwise known as a SARC park.
I'm going to central park, I hope I don't get SARC'd.

I'm going to SARC you.
by sheppardairman May 11, 2013
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