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An amazingly awesome guy with a great music choice and some amazing talent. He is usually very shy and doesn't talk much but once you get to know him you will want to be his closest friend. He is self conscious but doesn't need to be, because he is very handsome and doesn't need to change at all, no matter how much he thinks he does.
Mae: Wow, Burke is such a great guy. I wish he knew how much people care about him.
by acrace16 December 06, 2014
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Old cockney-English word meaning cunt. A profanity referring to the boxal region of a lady.
"guvna, i had a right funny time tryin' to get up them there stairs"
"shut up you fucking burke"
by burkeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy September 05, 2006
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a very unfortunate surname for those living in the United Kingdom.

Not to be confused with berk which is the cockney slang for cunt. (Short for Berkeley Hunt)
Person 1: Hi, I'm Bri Burke
Person 2: LOL! Berk? You're a cunt!
by Bri~ June 19, 2011
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The literal definition of this word is "to suffocate a person by means which leave no evidence, such as visual bruises and marks." i.e. to suffocate with a pillow or other soft object.
Trevor: "Have you seen Billy?"
Octavia: "No, I haven't. Do you think he's been burked?"
Muffled voice under a pillow: "Trevor, can you assist me in escaping?"
Trevor: "I don't know, did I just hear Billy under that pillow?"
Octavia: *sits on pillow* "No, thtat was just the air conditioning kicking on."
by Jason Q. Dedrickston August 19, 2005
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This is a very common and popularized word which comes from the root: beurk.
This phrase is commonly used to replace any insult and is only looked upon in bad context.
It is a word that should only be used if need be, frankly its just not a nice thing to say.
The term can also be altered depending on the situation , such as :
Im going to burke you!

what a f*ckin Burke

Stop Burking like that.

Dont be a burke.

F*ck you, Burke.

You are Burking all over the place...its disgusting.

by TEEFE April 11, 2009
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Burke: v. To suffocate someone using a soft object that will leave little to no trace evidence (i.e. a pillow, your hands, etc). Taken from a historical crime file in which a man surnamed Burke, who ran an inn, found one of his patrons dead in thier room. He took the body to a coroner's office for identification where they paid him a large sum of money for the cadaver, mistaking him for a grave robber. Then he realized he could get money for any body he delivered, and he began suffocating his tenants with their pillows and selling them to the coroner's office for medical experimentation.
Mary Sue: "I don't want to stay at that inn, it looks like a place you could get burked any moment."
Matt the innkeeper (holding a pillow inconspicuously behind his back): "Don't worry, come in and I'll get you all settled in..."
by Maggie: forensics freak March 18, 2006
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