(Hypertext Markup Language)
HTML is the language used to create Web pages for display in Web Browsers. HTML can be created directly with text editors or Web publishing programs, such as DreamWeaver, or it can be the output of other programs that make dynamic webpages on the fly. When you select "view source" from your Web browser, the code that you are viewing is HTML.

by Anonymous February 16, 2003
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Hypertext Markup Language
The code for creating webpagges, using tags and other commands that a browser reads and converts into the normal webpages that people see.
I used HTML code to build my website.
by Bree April 1, 2003
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HTML or HyperText Markup Language
It is the language to build the structure of the website. It is frequently use with css or javascript
by TheOneClassroom April 13, 2021
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HTML, or HyperTextMarkupLanguage is the basis of every website. It uses strings like <p> or <h1> to create websites. It might as well be the skeletal structure of the internet's completely hypothetical body. Since writing with just HTML doesn't make for very good websites, it works with another programming language called CSS to design things like fonts, colors, and other things that just bare HTML can't do.

HTML is on it's fifth edition, and is still being worked on.
It can't be used for making things like applications or video games. For those, programmers would use C++, C, Python, Ruby, Java, BASIC, or other things that you might be able to think of.
It also can't be used to make any interactive things except for hyperlinks. You'll need something like JavaScript for that.
Programmer 1: "hey did you get those bugs in the HTML fixed? cause if we're going to publish this website it can't have any lethal bugs in it
Programmer 2: Yeah but I found a really big glitch in the CSS interacting with the JavaScript
Programmer 1: Should we tell management
Programmer 3: Already fixed it, don't worry
by Riv4l December 1, 2018
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HTML is a programming language that is used to create and display webpages on web browsers.

You can think of HTML as a webpage's DNA.
I used HTML to code my site.
by Lon July 10, 2006
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Hyper Text Markup language. Describes the structure of a webpage. HTML elements tell the browser HOW to display content.
I used HTML to create my new website.
by ExoSkeletalProgrammer November 19, 2020
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