Some old fat bastard with a pissed off wife because he only comes once a year, and its down everybody elses chimney.
Did Santa cum down your chimney too?
by Splice87 January 04, 2004
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santa is secretly satan and he just decided to scramble his name...ever wonder why there's so much commotion on the roof on x-mas eve??...yea he's just screwin the elves and reindeer...and he only goes in ur house to get a piece of ur mom's ass (i saw mommie kissin santa clause underneath the mistle toe last nite...)...and they say hell will never freeze over...explain the north pole...it's just to throw u off!
1.)mommie...where's daddy on xmas eve?
2.)why does santa where so much RED?
3.)wut's that point thing sticken out of his pants?
4.)mommie...santa dropped this magazine. Why aren't these girls wear any clothes?
5.)daddy...why does mom always kiss santa?
6.)"Your mom..."-santa
7.)no wonder why i always get wut i want...my mom's a porn star...
by Thorne December 29, 2003
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Gin-soaked pedophile

Matt was acting like such a santa the other day my 5 year old nephew started crying when he asked if he wanted to sit on his lap.
by Fucktarded Scarecrow December 30, 2009
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a guy who eats to many cookies and then gets fat then unbulivibly fits down a chimney.
Santa is so fat but still can fitdown a chimney.
by Anonymous October 08, 2003
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The Myth that is used to teach children that lying is an acceptable Christian practice.
Yes, Santa can visit all the Christian children in the world in one night.

Reindeer can fly.

Someone that FAT can fit down the Chimney with out getting burned and someone that fat can live forever!

The Easter Bunny & the Tooth Fairy are also real.

OK, you you figured it out, they were all fake and they don't exist.

But believe me when I tell you that there is God and his son did come back from the dead(after three days rotting in a grave.)

I know, I know, there is no way to prove it! Why would I lie to you?
Santa is just like Christ, they are both myths
by Tyler Malone March 22, 2008
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First put in picture by Coca-Cola in the being of the 20th Century. Now He has been cloned so everybody can see him at every shopcenter.
Mom : Do you want to take a picture with Santa?
Child: No, he smells weird!
by Kherozen December 19, 2003
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