Of the elves or having to do with elves, the fairytale creature. Usually not used when referring to short Santa's elves.
I know a girl who has elven pointy ears.
An elven lifespan is very long.
A euphemism for engaging in kinky, fantasy sex. Only offered in red and white. No rose.
"A short time later, both Aragorn and Arwen were revived on a snack of elven wine and fruit"
by Oxfordlad January 8, 2015
Having the elf ability to see things from a long distance.
I used my elven eyes to spot the hot chick in the back of the club.
by Tavish L. September 17, 2005
Butt stuff, as coined by the adult fantasy game Tales of Androgyny.

To do it "elven style".
"Hope you don't mind doing it elven style... not that I have much of a choice, given that you're a boy kitty in reality, aren't you?"
by ded_malik May 16, 2022
The act of receiving a hand job whilst having an arrow plunged through your throat
Guy1: What happened to Tommy.
Guy2: his girlfriend gave him an elven handjob
by rapydave May 4, 2015
The result of giving an Elf a blowjob, as their cum is said to be minty green. Also another name for a Grasshopper (the drink) because of its similar color.
Rhianna: "Elven Breathmints are delicious!"

Leo: "...Double entendre anyone?"
by Bunny Rose January 7, 2010
A Flaming Homosexual male on a chat site, Currently holding over 800 posts. Always tries to get away from a person called BrotherHood, yet he was peed on by him and stabbed multiple times.
by ElvenBrooks June 22, 2008