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The word that an incredibly clever person says exactly three times before and after proving somebody wrong for their apparently poor level of intellect or understanding of the English language.
Ohomph. Ohomph. Ohomph. I can't believe you thought a Rhombicosidodecahedron had 31 perpendicular sides whereas infact the only shape in the third dimension with 31 perpendicular sides is a Pseudorhombicuboctahedron! Ohomph. Ohomph. Ohomph.
by Peter Adams January 6, 2004
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These strange species can seem perfectly harmless until they are placed in their natural habitat. If there is a silverbacked charva who is superior to everyone as he has the latest Scooter album, the other charvas will form a protective ring around him.
These scourge plague the streets of most cities, but most of all Newcastle. The male of the species will have short spiked hair, and will pretend their voice is deep years before it has broken, which appears to be an effective mating call. The female of the species will wear truckloads of makeup and huge (often plastic) earrings the size of the millennium wheel. If temperatures are below -5 degrees C, they will feel inclined to wear a mini skirt which barely covers their hips (see also: Micro Skirt)
When the male and female of the species meet, the male will put on a burbry cap to seem more attractive. Within an hour the two will have engaged in unprotected sex and whoops!...there goes another teenage pregnancy, another scum bag to pay for in our taxes!
Charvas will also force themselves to start smoking at the age of about 12, which is a sign that they are "Hard" or "Belter".
Any human verbal interaction with these vermin will result in an absolutely moronic response such as "Hew man you fucking daft cunt!" when asked to rephrase their inadequately worded statement, the same, only slightly more angry response is thrown at you.
No other 'race' other than their own is acceptable. Any goths, punks, skaters or grungies are renamed to "tree huggers" or "hippys". They do not have the brain cells to understand that they are infact the worst scourge of this planet!
Lastly, they will start fights with anybody that's smaller than them, to try and make themselves feel highly superior, and to try and impress the opposite sex. The long long list could go on forever.
To sum it up, these spangle stained hooligans are a dire example of Darwin's "Survival of the fittest" and are a complete waste of space, carbon lifeform, and tax payers money!
Look! There's some charvs! Where's that nitroglycerin I prepared earlier?
by Peter Adams January 6, 2004
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Greasy person who talks very strangely and pretends to be a paedophile.
Quick! Run! Sweaty Colin is on the loose! AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!!
by Peter Adams January 6, 2004
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Goodnacious = Goodness Gracious

I first heard it used by a friend of mine called Rory from Bethnal Green, London. So all credit to him.
Guy 1: "...and it resulted in him having a prolapsed rectum."
by Peter Adams January 1, 2006
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SATAN spelled wrong due to a mix up at the factory.
Oh shit! It says Santa not Satan...well, it sounds pretty good, and if we cover him up in some big red fur coat nobody will notice!
by Peter Adams January 7, 2004
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Verb. To be back-scuttled is to be done up the arse. Anal sex.
"Why would you want to look at a picture of some girl being back-scuttled by a cricket stump?"
by Peter Adams January 7, 2004
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It's the sound that those circular things make in Pinball machines, when the ball hits them.
Phwing! Phwing! Phwing! Phwing! Phwing! He got the high score!
by Peter Adams January 27, 2006
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