The name of every song in existence.
YouTube Commenter: What's the name of the song at 0:21?
Replier: Darude - Sandstorm
by Super Thicc September 07, 2014
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when you're having sex with a girl on the beach and you cum on the girl's face then throw sand on it
While Jared was fucking Chantelle, he gave that bitch the ol' siberian sandstorm. whore.
by Khalid A. January 04, 2011
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When you pack your butt with as much sand that can fit, then you fart as hard as you can, thus creating a Miami Sandstorm and leaves who ever is around smelling like Miami.
Athena- "Yo gurl i'm about to turn up and Miami Sandstorm you up in this piece" *Farts*
Jillian-"Dang gurl you jus covered me in sand and left me smellin' like Miami"
by OMGItsThatOneDudeStu December 06, 2014
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A song composed by the Finnish composer, Darude in November 14,1999. People have made a meme out of it in which one would ask "What's the song name?" in the YouTube comment section.
What's the name of the song? Darude-Sandstorm.
by KyleTheChoux January 22, 2015
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The Sandstorm Challenge is a difficult sexual challenge, which requires great stamina and endurance from both participants. While having sex the full version of the song Sandstorm by Darude (~7:30) is played in the background. The man must then keep up with the beat for the duration of the song without finishing. A strobe light can be used to enhance the experience.
Aly thought Anthony was kidding about the Sandstorm Challenge...then he brought out the strobe light and stereo. Anthony finished it like a boss.
by Dan Ryaly March 15, 2012
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The act of ejaculating into a ceiling fan to create a sandstorm-like effect of jizz as it is hurled through the air.
Molly: This ceiling fan is useless, we never use it.
Billy: We could put that ceiling fan to work...
Molly: What do you mean Billy?
Billy: The Wisconsin Sandstorm is what I mean.
Molly: That would be so hot and sticky and refreshing!
by Nicholas Zombie March 13, 2010
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