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The propaganda mouthpiece of the Republican party. Oftentimes used to broadcast anti-Democrat, anti-LGBT, and anti-Progressive bullshit to the extremely stupid and gullible right-wing flag-waving, gun totting, bible thumping, black hating republican white trash who immediately scream "socialism!" whenever the government tries to do something that actually benefits the American people.
Fox News? More like Faux News!

FOX = For Ornery Xenophobes
by Super Thicc January 13, 2016
Libertarians are a bunch of failed Reagan-era Republicans and Conservatives who despise the poor and working classes while constantly praising the ground that the so-called "free market" walks on.

At their best, they're conservatives, at their worst, they're anarcho-capitalists who want to see the poor suffer and eventually die off.

Libertarians constantly praise the free market and seem to believe that companies are somehow incapable of any form of wrongdoing and that everybody should go to them for help.

They want to privatize everything from law enforcement (mercenary police) to even national defense (private armies). They also want to dispose of any and all forms of social welfare, an action that will kill many people, make many more homeless, and leave countless without any form of health insurance.

They want to see society return to its original tribalist form, where no civilization existed and there were no forms of organization, basically turning back the clock on human social progression.
by Super Thicc February 11, 2017
A country that constantly refers to itself as "the best" while 45,000 of its citizens will die annually from lack of proper healthcare, thousands of its citizens die at the hands of its law enforcement, millions of its children go to school hungry and go to bed hungry, twenty of its veterans commit suicide daily, and millions of its citizens are forced to sleep under bridges and on park benches nightly.

The U.S. has a lot of problems that it MUST address if it wishes to remain an influential superpower after the 21st century.
The USA is a wonderful country with loving people, but it has a lot of problems that cause unnecessary suffering.
by Super Thicc February 20, 2017
Scientifically known as Homo Entitlementus Karenus, a genetic offshoot of the modern human, but with more defective genes.

Karens are commonly known for:
-Their strong sense of entitlement, especially when it comes to the property of young Humans.
-Their large hair, commonly seen as a status symbol among other Karens. Rumor has it that it grows in size for each manager that particular Karen consumes.

Karen society is quite simplistic, with status coming from the size of their hair.
Why is the police over at Walmart? Oh they had to arrest a Karen because it assaulted an associate.
by Super Thicc March 28, 2019
A peaceful and democratic government ruled by LGBTQ atheist leftists.

In a Homocracy, all people are treated freely and equally under the law, unlike its retarded cousin: theocracy.
Homocracy, it's like Democracy, but better (and gayer)
by Super Thicc April 19, 2019
A person who openly denies results published by the global scientific community, usually for economic or political reasons.

In the United States, most science deniers are Republicans who believe that climate change doesn't exist and that homosexuality is a choice and not something that is determined via genetics during a fetus' development
Donald Trump is a Science Denier, he claimed that Global Warming was a hoax invented by the Chinese.
by Super Thicc January 29, 2017
A term invented by feminazis to shame people (mainly men) for calling out their partner's cheating or affair.
Guy: "My wife cheated on me. That fucking skank."
Sane People (including other feminists): "I'm sorry to hear that, man. Dump her, you deserve better."
by Super Thicc September 10, 2020