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The name of every song in existence.
YouTube Commenter: What's the name of the song at 0:21?
Replier: Darude - Sandstorm
by Super Thicc September 07, 2014

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George Floyd was an African-American man whose life was brutally taken from him in an act of police brutality committed by Derek Chauvin, a scumbag cop from the Minneapolis police department.

Floyd's murder sparked global outrage and countless protests against police brutality across the planet.
George Floyd did not deserve to die like this.
by Super Thicc June 10, 2020

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Apologists for some of humanity's most brutal regimes, including (but not limited to) the Soviet Union, China, and North Korea.

Most Tankies are hardcore Stalinists who want a totalitarian Stalinist regime established in their home country.

Tankies claim be to be left-wing politically and are (rightfully) shunned by other left-wing groups (Progressives, Socialists, Social Democrats, Anarchists, etc) due to their love of dictators.
That guy's a Tankie. He wants to replace the government with a Stalinist dictatorship and build gulags.
by Super Thicc August 29, 2020

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Libertarians are a bunch of failed Reagan-era Republicans and Conservatives who despise the poor and working classes while constantly praising the ground that the so-called "free market" walks on.

At their best, they're conservatives, at their worst, they're anarcho-capitalists who want to see the poor suffer and eventually die off.

Libertarians constantly praise the free market and seem to believe that companies are somehow incapable of any form of wrongdoing and that everybody should go to them for help.

They want to privatize everything from law enforcement (mercenary police) to even national defense (private armies). They also want to dispose of any and all forms of social welfare, an action that will kill many people, make many more homeless, and leave countless without any form of health insurance.

They want to see society return to its original tribalist form, where no civilization existed and there were no forms of organization, basically turning back the clock on human social progression.
Libertarians have a disdain for the social contract
by Super Thicc February 11, 2017

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A wrinkly old mental midget who believes that the Earth was created only 6,000 years ago by the invisible and magical manchild in the sky, that evolution is a lie, and creationism should be taught in all schools everywhere, and that science has been "hijacked" by secularists.
Ken Ham is a fucking bible-thumping dumbass.
by Super Thicc June 24, 2017

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An oxymoronic take on the Anarchist societal model.

By definition, Anarchism is the idea of a stateless society where all people are free and equal. Anarchists oppose societal structures and power structures as a core tenet of their ideology.

Capitalism however, is an economic system that has an inherent power and societal structure where the super-wealthy elites rule over everybody else and control the means of production whilst exploiting the labor of workers for their own gain.

Because of this, Anarcho-Capitalism is an oxymoron and is, rightfully, the laughing-stock of most Anarchist circles.
Anarcho-Capitalism is hypocritical and an oxymoron.
by Super Thicc August 22, 2017

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See shit

A shitty First Person Shooter game that one can find on XBOX, PlayStation, Wii, and PC.

Call of Duty has been known to say that they're innovative... That's a bunch of bullshit. Each new iteration of CoD is the same fucking shit, just with different places and graphics.

Call of Duty has also attracted the most annoying fan base in gaming history.

A typical CoD lobby usually consists of...
-Kids that are way too young to even have an XBOX Live / PSN Account
-Shitty clans like FaZe (Come at me bro)
-The kitchen sink

Avoid Call of Duty at all costs because it's a virus that'll infect your console / PC.
Guy 1: Do you like Call of Duty?
Guy 2: No, I like actually having sex.
Guy 1: But CoD is so much better!
Guy 2: No, Actually having a life is better.
by Super Thicc July 28, 2014

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