When you ejuclate on a girls face and then throw sand at it.
As i ejuclated all over the whores face, i quickle through sand at it and there i just did a sandstorm.
by kiktheball September 06, 2006
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when someone bends over and shits explosive diarrhea in the subject's face. Popular in many parts of Germany
"My girl and I got so freaky last night, she even wanted a sandstorm when I told her I was having explosive diarrhea."
by induhvidyooul October 28, 2006
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When Fucking a girl in the ass and when you pull it out your dick is covered with hard dry little peices of shit
Last night i was fucking her in the ass and i got sandstormed
by matt April 27, 2004
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A 'SandStorm' is someone who is so shit even a sandstorm couldn't put them out. Because there a good for nothing, out of beat, weirdo stalker, and a wannabe. They also have herpes.
Hey... you hear about that guy Sepand? He's a total sandstorm.
by RealMusik July 01, 2010
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In Irish vernacular, when a gust of wind blows the head off a guinness, that is an Irish sandstorm.
It was so windy today that I got an Irish Sandstorm on my shirt
by lightgreen August 19, 2021
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Every song in the world that people do not know the name to
"What is that song?" "Darude - Sandstorm"
by treyhawk82 October 25, 2013
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Snort cocaine Through your ass and fart it out onto another person
Yo I got mad drunk last night and Michigan sandstormed with this fat hooker from Wisconsin
by Adogg69 September 27, 2013
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