The smash hit sequel to the game Insurgency 2014, where you get killed by 2 shots and you will get autism after a normal match.
Developed by New World Interactive and published by Focus Home Interactive. NWI is taking massive steps to ensure your game play experience is as shit as possible, with such well received updates from the fans as removing counterpart weapons for each faction from co-op to "distinguish factions" and straight up removing technicals for a while to "improve the pvp aspect".

Insurgency Sandstorm received critical acclaim for its realistic game play, level design, sound design, atmosphere, graphics and fluid animations, but was criticized for its technical issues and optimization, and some lamented the cancellation of the story campaign.

In other words, while its gotten a lot more optimized as of late, if you have a potato pc dont even fucking bother. Get insurgency 2014 - that shit can run on a goddamn macbook.
Me: (clicks the quit button)" time to call a doctor"
Insurgency Sandstorm = Instant death
by Kongjie December 12, 2020
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A sexual move the occurs when a guy sits on someone's face with his balls on the other person's eyes and then farts in the other person's mouth.
I just ate some tacos and am going to give my gay lover a nasty "Arabian sandstorm" tonight!!!
by Bolton May 06, 2004
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It is a song consisting of repeating beats and slightly increasing and decreasing tempo, used as background music to montages and live streams. It was made into a meme, which means that when someone asks for the outro song, people always reply: "Darude: Sandstorm" or other slight variations.
User 1: That outro song is SICK af. What's it called?

User 2: Darude: Sandstorm
by Arsonist_MLGXpert June 25, 2016
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A meme that consist of people asking what song they just heard the meme beacame popular after a livestreamer was playing a game with the song in the backround people where asking what the name of the song was everyone replied darude sandstorm it then beacame a meme that whenever someone said what is that song they sould reply darude sandstorm
XxX 420 blazin it king XxX says hey whats that sonng at 00:21 every one replies darude sandstorm
by XXX lollipop donkey xxx July 03, 2015
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When you're banging a girl (or receiving a blow job) on a beach and you blow your load in her face and then take a hand full of sand and throw it in her face.
Dave totally asian sandstormed that bitch at Sylvan Beach last night!!
by Dave the Sex God February 02, 2010
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A noun used to describe every song/video/image people don't know the name to.
Username: Whats the name of this song?

>That guy: are you kidding me???

>>Mama's boy: why don't you tell us since you know so much.

>>>You: Darude- Sandstorm

>>>>Anonymous: shut the fuck up you faggot

>>>>> You: make me you bitch!

>>>>>> 420 kush: guys I see no need to fight.

>>>>>>> You: shut the fuck up you stoner fag!
you have been banned for abuse
by You've lived a life of sin December 03, 2014
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When getting head on the beach give the girl a facial, and while her face is covered in you jiz throw sand on her face and run away as fast as you can
like oh may god i thought i was on a romantic date on the beach but i just got alabama sandstormed!
by Matt Sydney November 21, 2006
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