A situation where the politics related to that specific issue cause so much controversy in the media and society and bickering between the various political parties over what is, how serious it is, and how to address it that it is almost impossible to grasp what really happened in that situation because you are unable clearly see what occurred.
Person 1: It is hard tell what is really happened in regards to whether or not Russia intelligence hacked into the U.S. election in order to manipulate the results.

Person 2: It is still hard tell what happened even today because of how the politicians and society responded. The political sandstorm related to that issue will likely not wear off for quite some time.
by Vanguard 1998 January 23, 2021
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Usually the term for rough anal sex with your friend if they're a boy. The person cannot deny it.
"bro! hop on sandstorm!"
by SandstormPlayer9010202130 June 18, 2022
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Usually the term for 'rough' anal sex with your friend, whether if they are a girl, or a boy.
The person cannot deny it, and has to have a rough anal sex with their partner.
"hop on sandstorm"
by SandstormPlayer9010202130 June 20, 2022
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