A Samsquanch is the name given to an abnormally large male transgender prostitute only found in Corona Queens New York. This is the Unicorn of the transgender prostitute world. Standing at over six feet and seven inches tall, one would imagine that it could be easily spotted. Only seen twice in recorded history it remains one of the world’s last true mysterious treasures.
On one fateful morning the Samsquanch approached the tired and unsuspecting man as he stumbled to work. Shocked by the sight of the beast the man shook his head animately in hopes of repelling its sexual advances. Angered by the rejection, the gigantic mass of sexual possibilities shook with anger. It turned to see a tiny man we will call him “W” and his associate Sarah on their way to work. It turned and slipped into the shadows in an attempt to follow them and hopefully fulfill its nightly quota of sexual dominance.
by HingleMcCringlebery June 20, 2016
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1) The mispronounciation of the word "Sasquatch". 2) A stupid looking, big eyebrowed penguin in Québec's Biodome I named Samsquanch.
Guy 1: OMFG! The samsquanch is gonna get you!!
Guy 2: OMFG! ..What's a samsquanch?
Guy 1: OMFG! You don't know what a samsquanch is?
Guy 1: OMFG! Go home and search Samsquanch on www.UrbanDictionary.com, then come back here so he can eat you.
Guy 2: OMFG! ..Okay.
by Adam Ritchie August 27, 2006
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A person who is a staunch Samsung fanboy, who will Troll articles that have anything to do with Apple products.
Hey look there's an article about the new iPhone, oh no there's a Samsquanch trolling the comments.
by Olrak Dunflomingo March 17, 2014
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