A province of Canada (which is not part of USA, you dumb fuck heads) in which French is the number one language. Inhabitants (Québécois) love hockey just like other canadians. Their ancestors were French from France, but they we're conquered in 1759 by England because France army sucked ass. People from Quebec are kinda patriotic and that's why they want to show who they are to the rest of Canada.
1. I went to Quebec and I had to buy a French-English berlitz because everything is in french over there.

2. Quebec is damn cool; parties everywhere!

3. Quebec's chicks are damn hot.
by Charlie October 8, 2004
The land where the Quebecers live.
The majority of the population is mixed in the 4 major ethic group, the french (who comes from the colonization by the french empire, 400 years ago), the british (who comes from the Conquest 250 or so years ago by the british empire) the Indigenous nations (who lived there before the european came here) and the irish (who immigrated here because of the famine that occured in their country conquered by the British). There is the Neo-Quebecers(the immigrants of the last century) who majorly flee the wars of the 20th century or wanted to live in a new contry.

The official language is the french because it is spoken by the majority of the population.
"Je vis au Québec, donc je suis un Québecois."
I live in Quebec, so i'm a quebecer.
by Louis Desjardins April 13, 2008
Québec is a beautiful province in eastern Canada. It's capital city is Québec City and it's other main cities are Montréal and Gatineau.

Most Québécois are of french descent and speak french, but there are also many other cultures and nationalities here, especially recently QC has been becoming more multicultural.

Although some people believe Quebeckers to be very patriotic and think that we all want to separate from Canada this is not true, many people here love Canada and if it came down to it would rather be Canadian then Québécois. Also, most people in the major cities are biligual and have no problem with speaking english to anglophone people.

Quebeckers use some words that are not present in french from France (called joual) such as "itou" (sometimes used for also/too instead of "aussi")and have an accent that is said to have been the accent of France before they came to Canada (some people in QC say "moé" for "moi", etc)

Québec's drinking age is 18, Quebeckers love to party and are very friendly and welcoming people!
Québécois guy: Le Québec est la meilleure province dans tout le Canada!!!

Other Québécois guy: Moi itou je pense ça!!
by emyyy May 21, 2009
A place where most people speak a better French than in France itself and where they are proud of it. A place formerly called Nouvelle-France, which was an under-populated French colony that was streching from Nova-Scotia to Louisiana and that England conquered in 1760. The reason why you American declared you independance in 1776 (it's true: England regave us all territories west of the Appalachian, where you wanted to settle, in order to avoid a revolt). A place in North America which is 10 times larger than France... but 5 times less populated! A place where some patriots where killed because they where seeking liberty in 1838. And a place that is much more than poutine, hockey and tabarnak.
The largest city in Québec is Montréal.
by meteora888 November 18, 2011
Still a Canada's province (sad) for about 3 years. Québec is the best province to get drunk especially on June 24 where Québecer celebrate the St-Jean Baptiste (their national festival).

The government keep the legal age to vote under 18 years old to make sure that nobody vote for the "Parti Québécois", a sovereignist party that want the Québec to be a country.

English speaking Canadian hate French Quebecer.
French Quebecer hate English speaking Canadian.
English speaking Quebecer are not real Quebecer.

The "Poutine" as been originaly made in Québec with french fries, cheese and brown sauce.

Quebecer are realy intelligent. They can speak 2 language. They all speak French and a lot of them can speak english very well with a nice accent. They totaly beat the english-speaking Canadian who don't want to learn other language.

They have their own dialect starting with Tabarn*k, c*alis, cri*ss, es*i, cibo*re, moé, toé, check (mean "look").

If you want to be friend with a Quebecer, give him a beer.
1) Normal Quebecer: Vive le Québec libre!
2) Normal Quebecer: Bièèèère!
3) Normal Quebecer: Tabarn*k ça fait mal
by Le Jeu June 15, 2009
1. The capital of Québec province, in Canada. Most of the government institutions are located in this city. The city is located on the north shore of the St-Lawrence, at about 250 km north-east of Montreal. The Mayor is Regis Labeaume.

2. Physically the most beautiful City of the wide country, in which the Old Québec is litterally a small Europe. However, that's also a city in which citizens are weird. Half of them is on the Upper Town or the upper class suburbs and are a little bit snob. And the other half, who lives in the Lower Town and the lower class suburbs are narrowminded morons brainwashed by the Right-Wing media establishment of the City with unconsiderate hate for every smart and well informed scholar and for differences.
1. L'Assemblée nationale, where MP behave like kindergarden kids, is located in Québec City.

2. a) Some people in Sillery and Lac-Beauport are snobby.
b)" When my baccalauréat will be done, I'll move out to the Bas-St-Laurent, I'm too proud to be treated like shit by trisomics brain washed by Fillion, Arthur and their friends.
by theerudite89 December 11, 2009