A phrase adopted by Australian comedian Adam Hills, usually used as an expression of affirmation or encouragement.

It was coined during a 1999 stand-up performance in Melbourne, Australia. Hills had invited an audience member on stage to yell out his own name; instead, the man shouted "go you big red fire engine!" The phrase quickly became an audience chant, and Hills subsequently used it as an affirmative mantra, eventually basing a stand-up show around it in 2001.

"Go you big red fire engine!" came to be regarded as a general expression of encouragement, and with Hills' urging it began to weasel its way into pop culture: it ended up appearing in a Detroit newspaper and on a Swedish website, as well as being yelled out in the Australian Federal Parliament by then-Senator Natasha Stott Despoja.
"The only way I could get through every night (of a bad gig) was, as I walked on, to just go, 'go you big red fire engine!' I could face anything after saying that!" - Adam Hills, "Go You Big Red Fire Engine" (2001)
by shoemoneytonight January 28, 2010
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Is an utmost blatant curse word (derived from Paris Hilton according to Kuya Jobert) that demoralizes someone like a douchebag at your workplace who opposes your suggestions or ideas.

Having a strong Filipino accent will surely vanish your opponent in just a blink of an eye, Use it wisely.
person 1: I don't like the suggestion of going to Paris the next day after work...
you: Oh is that so? PAKYU GO TO YOU! Continental Pakyu! Pukeney-nginey-mo! MHM Vagina Flaws!
by Hardcore Jobert Fan August 07, 2021
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" Alyssa was fucking T Shawn Dog in the ear " said Demetri
" I told her once you go black you go deaf "
by Tom Stein hates jews and arabs February 19, 2009
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Something you say when teaching someone. Usually to encourage or indicate they have done something right.

Also, inappropriately used as a filler like "or something like it" and "you know what I mean".
"Is this how it's done?"
"Yeah, there you go"

"Is this how it's done?"
"No, it's like this"
"There you go"
"WTF! I'm the one teaching you!"
by Jigen III August 22, 2009
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