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A very beautiful and talented person. A samara usually has beautiful curly hair, is in love with books, like they are her life! She i a very artistic person and often feels down about themselves. Samara is very sarcastic and could have a temper problems and gets angry easily. A samara is beautiful and the best so if you have her as a sister or a friend , never let go of her!!!!!!!!!
Leila: I went out to shop with samara yesterday......
Yasmin: oh cool your so lucky
by person??? April 01, 2015

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Usually a boy. Rayaan always gets what he wants and is normally a mummys boy. He loves cars and mine craft . You tube and netflix is his life. He doesn't like school/work but goes anyway and comes home with amazing results.
Maya: I went on a date with Rayaan last night.
Maria: Oh my goodness you are so lucky he is such a nice boy........
by person??? April 02, 2015

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Present Chair of the British Labour party, or perhaps more accurately DAUGHTER OF SATAN! Overt fascist, will probably defect to the BNP if she doesn't get to be DPM (which she won't... or I shall emigrate) Either that or she'll get Robert Mugabe to leave his wife and they'll elope to somewhere in the bible belt.
Whose that coming out of Tricky Dickys? -Why it's Hazel Blears! -She probably goes there Tuesday nights too (and makes it past security)...
Hazel had a dilemma: The background colouring on her pol-pot poster didn't go next to Idi Amin, but she couldn't fit it in her 'Hitler Shrine'. The bust of Dick Cheney took up far too much room...
by Person??? March 04, 2007

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