Female at 8 or above on the hot or not scale. A word that is used to notify other men of a woman that is an 8 or above in the immdiate area.

It can also be used as the opposite of Tuna- a not so fresh female.

A Female Calling your Cell Phone or What is that the Salmon calling?
Hey Jimmy how were the Salmon at the beach today?

Hey Christoforos, did you have at Mary Jane Tuna Snatch again?

No Jonathan, after I got the HEP it is all Salmon for me.

Sorry guys it is a Salmon calling.
by e9a3 July 05, 2009
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A very mild slap across the face>
You start with original slap, then hit the face again on the backhand.
It originates from the tail action from a "salmon" whilst it swims
I gave Andrew a Salmon
by cheesypeasjlk June 25, 2007
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a phrase uttered by Yetis viewed as gibberish by some but in actuality, it is much deeper.
Matt: stfu
by Yeti Jones January 22, 2008
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Invented in Duluth, MN, the salmon is a form of a high five/hand shake where one participant puts his hand and forearm next to another participants forearm and hand. The participants continue to slap their arms on eachother while sliding down the forearm to the hand in which they end in a high five.
Pierre: Dude! Go up for a high five!
Hoagie: Naw brah! Jump up stream for the salmon!
by DJ Nessie November 04, 2010
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I saw this dude on Grindr wearing all vineyard vines he’s such a salmon.
by Galahad1906 March 29, 2019
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Someone who drives up and down a road repeatedly all day, with nothing better to do
Person 1:Is that the same car again?
Person 2:Yeah, that guy is such a salmon.
by 1333333333333333333337 October 18, 2010
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