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Any fail/mistake in general, especially grammatical/spelling errors. Can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, etc. A multipurpose word
Pronounced: "Snuh-s"
It's also expected that one or many people yell "Snuss!" at the offender.
Bro 1: "Dude! I things last night!"
Bro 2: "Snuss! You left out the "did" dude"
Bro 1: "Damn it I snussed hardcore."
by hashtagwyattspam February 23, 2015

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An alternative spelling of the name "Adam", this is appropriately used when a given Adam is dumb.
"Adam is reeeeally dumb dude."
"I guess that's why his name is aDUMB."
by hashtagwyattspam April 10, 2013

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Someone who has a COMPLETELY different personality over the phone/texts than in person. It is ridiculously annoying and a douche move. They pathologically lie and brag about how great their life is and leave "uncool" friends behind.
First Dude: "God DAMN it dude he is SUCH a virtual louis, he's really snazz in person but a complete dick in the group chat."
Second Dude: "I know he lied about banging all of those girls and getting wasted on coke over the phone. Then he still acted like that was no big deal when we saw him in person."
by hashtagwyattspam February 23, 2015

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someone who takes penis up the ass everyday, similar to a tent louis
"Dude what's wrong with that guy? It looks like he got pounded in the ass"
"Oh he's like that all the time, he's a salmons."
by hashtagwyattspam April 08, 2013

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