3 definitions by Arlo De Guzman

Smoke salmon all day and get gilled (high off salmon). To do this, get some salmon, fish wrap, weed, a lighter, and you got in the gills. When gilled, everything is salmon colored...whoa.
Joe: i\'m fuckin stoned, you?
Bob: Nah, i\'m gilled....whoa...everything is salmon colored.
by Arlo De Guzman April 27, 2005
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Butter\'s from South Park\'s alternate ego. In which he wears stupid ass alumium foil and such. Trys to destroy things...

First seen when the gang of South Park play Ninja and exclude him. Then....they get a shuriken in his eye...dammit!


*insert such nonsense here*
by Arlo De Guzman April 27, 2005
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