The developers associated with a software project, usually an open source application.

The idea is that software streams from developers, to package maintainers and then to users. When reporting a bug "upstream", it's reported from users to maintainers/developers or from maintainers to developers.
"Please report this bug upstream."

"Wonder what upstream has to say about this."

"Silly upstream, that bug has been ignored for 42 years now"

"Thank you upstream, for doing this in your spare time"
by xyproto January 21, 2012
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The word upstream has several meanings in the field of computer science.

One meaning of the word upstream is used to refer to the core development of an Open Source project - e.g. an upstream patch is a patch targeted at being included in the project's main branch. Code submitted to the core developers of the some software can be said to be submitted upstream.

Another use of the word refers to the speed at which data can be transferred from the client to the server (uploading).

(source: Wikipedia: Upstream_(computer_science) )
We go to great lengths to make those patches widely available, in an easy to find format, so that they will be useful to upstreams, and other distributions. That benefits Debian, but it also benefits Suse and Redhat, if any of them are willing to take the time to study and apply the patches.

We synchronise our development with upstream, and with Debian, and with other distributions such as Suse and Gentoo and Mandrake and Red Hat, on a regular basis. We draw code from the latest upstream projects (which might not even be in Debian, or in Red Hat, or addressed in the LSB).

(source: )
by urban hermit February 14, 2008
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The act of walking quickly towards an approaching taxi cab so as to hail and enter it before someone else who is obviously waiting nearby for the same taxi.
Larry: What you upstream me?
Upstreaming Lady: Everybody upstreams you idiot, you don't just stand there like a jackass.
Larry: That's anarchy we need some rules!
Upstreaming Lady: Whatever! (flips the bird as cab drives away)
by NYCurbedFan January 25, 2012
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The opposite of across the street, instead of cutting themselves horizontally (across the street), emo kids cut themselves vertically (upstream) for better results.
"Across the street for attention, upstream for results."
by Tytytytyty1999 December 2, 2015
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Also known as "pull an upstream".
Used when referred to an organization or individual abruptly leaving without letting the public know, causing confusion, anger, and tons of lost data.
This referred to "Upstream Sea", a person who ran a Minecraft hosting company called SlothHost, which he left to die out.
Guy 1: Did you see that Tomas disappeared?
Guy 2: Dang, I never knew he'd pull an upstream.
by slothpw February 25, 2021
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Brooooooh that slut let me swim upstream last night. Water was a little muddy though if you know what I mean.

She told me I could swim upstream tonight. I railed them intestines.
by Dick Onchin October 15, 2020
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In literal terms, it is the act of defecating against the current of a body of water because the circumstances of the situation offer the individual no other option but to poop right then and there in the river. This messy situation, having to poop while submerged in water, is exacerbated by the poor choice of the individual to defecate with his/her backside facing upstream. The current then pushes the feces back in the direction of the defecator and thus makes this already messy situation much messier. In an everyday scenario, this expression means to attempt to improve a desperate situation but in doing so, make the situation worse for oneself.

Dude 1: How’d it go with Kelly last night? You finally get to bone her before you left for school?
Dude 2: No, I made it worse.
Dude 1: How?
Dude 2: Got myself into the friend zone. I heard she was more into sensitive guys so I tried really hard to be sensitive around her. She ended up telling me I'm a really good person and we should just be friends. I was shitting upstream, man. Now there’s no chance we’re gonna bone, even when we come home for winter vacation.
by PTouch August 21, 2009
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