A wonderful reason to get completely shitfaced before noon, then take a nap, and do it again that evening. Celebrated heavily from the midwest to east coast by everyone, not just exclusively Irish folks. In the Chicagoland are, Saint Patricks Day is nearly a weeklong celebration of booze and parades.
Mister Delicious is lucky as hell. His birthday is on Saint Patricks Day.
by Mister Delicious February 22, 2007
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The only day of the year where everyone is Irish
1. I'm Irish

2. No your not. You look Filipino as anything

1. Didn't you hear? Today's saint patricks day!

2. Well that means I'm Irish too! Let's go drink our brains out
by DizzyLizzy March 17, 2007
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The bestest day in the entire world. Everyone is Irish and you can drink until you're shit faced. Guinness flows like water and you get to pinch people on the ass. It's also MY BIRTHDAY! WOOOO HOOOO
Meet you at the pub for some lucky charms and green beer.
by Patty March 28, 2004
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March 17 - a Day to Drink as much piss as possible (notably Guinness) then fall over the floor swearing at your mates and the bartenders
by Brother Number One March 21, 2004
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An excuse to get drunk on a Sunday.
Person 1: Lets go get drunk.
Person 2: But there's school tomorrow!
Person 1: So? It's Saint Patrick's day!
Person 2: WHy didn't you say so in the first place?
by Emadorily March 13, 2005
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