Every 16th August, all these dirty slags do slag things and sleep with half the guys anywhere.
Guy 1: Oh my days that girls a slag look at her!
Guy 2: I think she’s loose man
Man 1: She must be celebrating National Dirty Slag Day then! XD
All: *laughs*
by ThatEnglishPersonInit23 August 16, 2019
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Someone who sleeps around behind people’s back. And then expects you to take her back.
Go fuck yourself you dirty little slag, don’t you ever come back.
by Urbantheturban July 08, 2019
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person who'm stays out late to enjoy themselves
dirty stop out slag means people that go out and stays out late without word and has pleasurable sex for fun pretty much like my friends ex
by Mik912 November 12, 2005
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