You'll know ur good sad when the reason behind said sadness, when told to someone else, sounds stoopid. The reason ur sad is actually quite trivial & ur just bein a baby.
Ryan: I was listening to 20 Good Reasons by Thirsty Merc on the way home from school one day because I was sad.
Erin: What were u sad about?
Ryan: I was crying because the girl I like didn't choose me as her partner in Chemistry
Erin: Ohhh so you're just being emo, that's a good sad
by misspeep October 1, 2020
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???: hey tom

tom: sorry I got huge sad

???: oh, well get better
by xen_stinkyyy March 11, 2022
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When sultan try’s to be cool but fails
wow sultan ur such a sad man
by NineOuttaTen April 28, 2019
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basically means "youre bad at pretending to be depressed" and "we can literally tell"
Emo dude mid argument: You dont know what ive been through
Other guy idk: man youre acting like a sad song with a few wrong notes
by Uh What July 1, 2021
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The resulting feeling after you get too "click happy" in a software system and accidently screw something up or delete something that now you can't fix.
I opened up the new employee records program and got click happy. Now I can't find my records and it won't go back to the main page. I'm so click sad! Help!
by StevefromCorporate November 6, 2013
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