an expression to describe when someone disses another and the victim is incapable of a comeback.
I left that bitch under the tree when she didn't thank me for opening the first door, so I let go of the second door and it hit her in the face.
damn yo, he left yo salty ass under the tree when he took your girl upstairs
by shsthaniel April 8, 2010
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"guys under a tree" is something you would call a group of men acting gay.
Luca: Are those guys wearing skirts?
Logan: Haha, they're guys under a tree for sure.
by Oragani April 17, 2021
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commonly used when its raining and someones getting on your nerves you tell them go stand under a tree
BOB-(being annoying)

CHRIS-hey dude why dont you just go stand under a tree
by YOU DONT KNOW ME:) March 26, 2010
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A subtle way to call someone a slut.
Girl 1: I heard Courtney's with Brandon and Chase and Martin.
Girl 2: She Lives Under Trees
Courtney walks by...

Courtney: Isn't Matthew just so cute!
by foxy209 December 26, 2014
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yes it is a fall out boy cd (one of the best) but it does have another meaning.

see when it came out everyone was like "hey go get fuct!".
which is extremely funny i think. well you know the kids these days using "fucking" and language like that, well theres a new way to explain your anger or mishap.

just replace from under the cork tree with fucking and there you go!
peter: "I almost got in a car accident today it was from under the cork tree scary man."
by catherine darko May 18, 2008
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Excuse me madame would you like to do the limbo under the coconut tree?
A fresh prince of bel air pick up line get educated.
If she doesn’t like this line then she’s 100% ugly idiotic probably a disloyal cheater

You: “excuse me madam, would you like to do the limbo under the coconut tree”
Girl: “excuse me, like ugh what the fuuuuuuuck
In this case violence should be legal in
by The_Real_Fuck_Tart December 4, 2020
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