A man that will do anything to get out of work. He'll show up after you set everything up and be all "oh everything is all done? swaggggg" and leave.
schwankie is so swag.
by swaggerthanthem October 28, 2011
Describing something More than cool, amazing, perfect, the best of the best.
"Man, Kolton is Schwanky!"
"I know, can I be like him?"
by SchwankMaster September 23, 2013
Term for a ritzy or high-class place or building. Usually used by people that lack the class to actually ENTER such places.
"That BigBoy's is schwanky like a BITCH!"
by Obi Juan August 15, 2005
A word similar to "swanky," usually used by those under the influence to describe something only perceived as swanky to the drunk.
"Wow, that limo sure is schwanky!"
"That's a taxi."
by Kroger Brand July 16, 2009
It can mean your mom.com, it can mean bussin bussin it can mean dope, the best, chips, videogames, it can even mean that every rose has its thorns
you looking mad schwanky my boy
by Manuellle December 24, 2021
The country version of Schwinkie Tink, only dressed like a cowboy and likes to reenact brokeback mtn.
I cant believe Jacob was such a Schwanky Tank today.
by Schwinkies man March 14, 2009