A supa-sexy blonde (usually female)
Elisha Cuthbert is just one of the new and upcoming blonde bombshells in Hollywood.
by Coral Capettini August 12, 2004
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A female that is blonde, hot, and just plain sexy. She has the body, the breasts, and she will probably max out all of your credit cards.
That blonde bombshell Kendra Wilkinson is the hottest girl next door. When Hef dies, she's gonna want some fresh young meat like mine.
by Pornstar6993 February 4, 2008
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A blonde female who is the definition of voluptuous - Grade A tits combined with a grade A ass. This woman would not be described as sophisticated by any of her peers. Men who do not know her imagine doing dirty things to her. One would not be surprised if a home made sex tape were released of said female.
Andrew: "Dude, that blonde bombshell's home made porno got leaked onto the internet last night."

Carlos: "Oh, it's about time!"

Andrew: "Dude, Kyle got with that blonde bombshell last night and said she was an absolute freak in the bedroom."

Andrew: "Have you seen Kate Upton's cat daddy dance video?"

Carlos: "Yes, I almost jizzed myself. She is the ultimate blonde bombshell."
by Sync May 17, 2012
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