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*NIX and *BSD program standing for "Secure SHell" which has many different commercial implementations along with an open-source implementation called OpenSSH.

It is used to remotely login to a computer running SSHDSecure SHell Daemon using a username a password and then execute commands on the remote machine. Works nicely when you have your parents running Gentoo Linux like I do. =^_-=
ssh user@host
by Pwnz3r August 08, 2004
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It is also the abreviation for the japanese metal band Saitama Saishuu Heiki, which makes arrangements of videogame music and some original compositions.
Yay! i heard holy orders arrangement from SSH!
by Chris Falcon December 05, 2007
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Also an abbreviation for a decription of a person that is a Super Slutty Hore.
"Stay the hell away from that chic , she's an SSH"
by Maid Mercy November 01, 2006
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Skank slut hoe. SSH is to be used in times when you need more than one word to describe how slutty a person is because sometimes only using the word skank doesn't always say enough.
Miles Cyrus is a total SSH.
by dollymonroe November 20, 2010
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