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A group of badass mother fuckers who just don't give a shit, and will bust a bitch if they are approached the wrong way.
Hey man you better be careful or Savage Squad will Bust you up.
by SavageRob5 February 15, 2015
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A group of people who will rule all and destroy whatever they see. There are different stages of savage, there's minor savage, which is made when someone participates in one savage act. There is major savage, where the person constantly and consistently creates and produces acts of savage... And then there's pure savage. Pure savages are just.... Everything they do is just utter savagery. Well, to get into the savage squad, you must be the purest savage of them all.. For realZ, savage must be in your blood.
JayMoney: Dayum boi, did you see that group utterly obliterate that other one??
Quan: Yeah OMG.. They must be a savage squad
by The truth.. the whole truth April 25, 2015
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