Acronym for "Super-Sized Big, Beautiful Woman". A sub-genre of BBW (Big Beautiful Women/Woman) that includes attractive women who typically weigh 400 lbs. or more.
Michelle weighs 230 lbs. and considers herself a BBW, while her best friend, Dana, weighs 410 lbs. and considers herself an SSBBW.
by Dita_V July 21, 2006
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She is so big that she considers herself a SSBBW
by dasmol April 13, 2004
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SSBBW stands for Super Saiyan Big Beautiful Women. Applies to BBWs who have gained the power to go even further beyond.
Don't fuck with that fat bitch with the blonde hair. She's gone ssbbw. Her power level is at least 400lbs
by slickboyd August 7, 2020
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Super-Size Big Beautiful Woman.

A BBW who is particularly large, more so than a regular BBW. Depending on who you ask, a SSBBW is one who weighs 250 pounds plus, or is more than an XXL.
Amy's a member of the 500+ club, so she's a SSBBW.
by therealrichieedwards November 2, 2004
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SSBBW: Acronym: Super Sized Big Beautiful Woman

Many of these women can be lovely and decent. They can cause happiness in those whom choose to be around them. They've often endured more rejection than folks around them and have consequently needed to do more tough introspection to validate themselves and have gathered valuable wisdom and kindness in the process.

It should be noted, however, that this rather desperate self-validation, in the practice of an irrational woman, can lead to the development of a personality that is strongly disagreeable to folks who value sanity, groundedness, or peace of mind in their associates.

Below is a potential conversation that an SSBBW might incur on an occasion separate of her involvement:
Male A) Hey man. You know that girl I've spent some times with recently whom I haven't wanted to tell you much about?

Male B) yeah. I've been curious about that.

Male A) Yeah well she's an "SSBBW" and I didn't really want to bother going over the details with you of our trying to achieve platonic symbiosis despite her S.S.ness.

Male B) Oh, ok. That's cool. Anyway, why are you bringing it up now?

Male A) Well I wanted to let you in on an interesting and fun factoid: She asked me how I felt about her body.

Male B) Haha. Uhoh! And you were honest?

Male A) Yeah. I told her that I just try not to think about it. Then she pressed for more specifics on what my feelings are about fat people and my feelings about having sex with her. And I answered her, and she hasn't responded to my outreach in quite some time; I think she's gone as a result of this.

Male B)*warm smile + smirk* Wow...What did you say about the feelings about sex?

Male A) Well I told her that fatness seems to indicate strong potentials for a few things to me: stress-coping dysfunction, a lack of nutritional intelligence, poor self discipline, and poor emotional vitality. And I told her I could be wrong, but it's just what I've gathered and seen over my lifetime, and that I would find it disturbing to be bonding with a body which indicates things like that. What I didn't tell her is that her behavior fit my stereotype pretty strongly.
by ratio September 27, 2012
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I'm looking for a hot, slim woman who has a Wii. Does such a SSBBW exist?
by James Behivenson May 14, 2008
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The BBW are a species of women who are comparable to the dinosaurs. You see, at one time, millions of years ago during the ice age, there was a slim chance one may encounter a BBW, instead of the usual hideous fat woman.

However, the SSBBW is more comparable to Big Foot. Not merely because their shoe size are beyond human imagination, but because of their status as a possible species. People say SSBBW exists, but we don't see them. Some claimed they have witnessed them, but could offer no reasonable proof. Those who present a picture usually give something dubious. In the case of Big Foot, the picture is blurred or is merely a shadow. In the case of the SSBBW, the picture is comprise entirely of her stomach.

Truly more research is needed to find these "Super Size Big Beautiful Women".
Holy shit! That's not a regular, horrendously overweight fat woman! It's the SSBBW! I should capture it because I would surely fetch a good price since it's been reputed to be a fairy tale!
by BusinessMan July 7, 2005
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