The most beautiful group of tropical islands known to man.

A multiracial society of friendly and laid back people.

Tourism is Fiji's main commodity. Gets tourists from all over. Famous people who have holidayed in the Fiji Islands include: Russel Crowe, Britney Spears, Tom Cruise to name a few.

Fiji's military has peacekeeping troops in Iraq, Lebanon and other places.

Famous for kava and Fiji Water.
Person A: Uh, I need a great holiday spot
Person B: Try Fiji
Person A: Uh, where is that?
Person B: I don't really know, but I hear they got girls,bikinis and beaches...Hey where'd you go?
Person A: To pack my shit, I'm off to Nadi
by holiday freak January 15, 2007
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the best damn water you can possibly buy. idc who you are fiji water is effin amazing. it tastes great, has a kick ass lookin bottle n is all around awesome. peepl just complain cuz they cant afford it...its about a thousand times better than poland spring and aqufina and dasani...the only water that compares to it is either Aquideco or Berg
2 people at a store
person 1- il have a bottle of poland spring please. (cost. $1)
person 2- il take a bottle of fiji (cost:$2.75)
person 1- WTF? y u drinkinj fiji its just the same as poland spring
person 2- Bitch NO! fiji has minerals and comes from an aquifer from a remote volcano! jeez. so ignorant ....not all water is the same
person 2- im sorry i didnt realize how awesome fiji water is
by m954 July 11, 2008
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If the name of the game is "grab that tallywacker" then this is the fraternity for you! If you love doing the elephant walk and having your collar popped then you are most definately a Fiji
That Fiji probably shaves his vagina
by Brian April 4, 2005
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A euphemism for sex.

If you've had sex, you've been to Fiji.

If you haven't, then you've never been to Fiji.
Haha bitch! Last night me and my dime-piece went to Fiji.

Dude, I'm lost in the Bermuda Triangle.
by band_trash_treasure May 9, 2017
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Fraternity that doesnt go by their letters because they are ashamed of them. Phi gamma butt slamma's
complete losers who dont have the right to talk shit about ANY fraternity!
by nikhil May 8, 2005
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Tunji's lifelong goal is to get to Fiji. No, this is not referencing the water, it is referencing the chick that sits in front of him.
I want to go on the fiji world tour with her.
I will follow Fiji to the end of the world.

Fiji is my destiny.

Man, why the fuck is that bitch talking about the upper class while drinking fiji.
by Tunji needs Fiji October 31, 2017
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1.) Something that is extremely lame and boring.

2.) A person who is a geek or nerd
"That shirt is so fiji!"
by katydid11 April 3, 2009
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