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A beautiful girl who is always confused no matter what. She will look around and say "I'm lost". She laughs a lot.
Bre is so funny.
by brb0513 June 08, 2018
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the name of the sexiest damn girls that walk the earth
bre is so fuckin mint
by Anonymous October 07, 2003
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Beautiful, talented girl who is amazing in bed; loves being on top. Loves helping people whenever possible and does a damn good job at it. Will go out of her way to make anyone happy. Gives hugs more than the average person breathes. She's practically perfect, anyone would be lucky to know her because she makes everyone's day brighter with her beautiful smile. She's an ideal girlfriend and knows how to satisfy her man.

Without her the world would go dark and everyone would die.
"Wow, i really need a Bre in my life!"
by Elizabeth Cooper February 04, 2010
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A Sexy, strong willed, Passionate, Very sexual, compassionate person who will do most anything for her friends & Family. If you have the chance to be with a Bre, Don't pass it by. You'll regret you made that choice.
"Bre was the best thing that ever happened to me!"
by Her #1 admirer March 01, 2009
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Bre is a beautiful young lady who is very athletic, nice, kind, thoughtful, talented and loves sports. She also has a girly girl side, too. She loves hanging out with her friends, doing her make-up, and just being her! She is absolutely hilarious and has many wonderful friends. She helps them when their feeling down, and is always happy for them. Although sometimes life can be hard for her in school and at home, she never let's that get her down! She best connects with happy people like Ashleys, Isabellas, Edens, Raleighs, and so many more wonderful people. Every guy looks at her when she walks past then in the hall, and any guy would be so lucky to marry her. So if you ever see a Bre, don't pass her up! She's going to to be the best thing in your world. Besides, without her, you would fall into depression and the whole world would probably explode. (: Just kidding, but she really is the best!
Person 1: Hey, is that Bre? Wow, she's prettier in person! I've heard people say she's pretty, but she's beautiful!

Person 2: I know!! She's probably the prettiest girl in the whole school!
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A BB that everyone wants to be with, (a.k.a. Bad Bitch). Straight Edge, who doesn't need to impress others because everyone already knows she is the best. A good friend that you could only hope for. A sweet, pretty, fun loving girl, that i'm proud to call one of my best friends. love you breezy <3
dude number 1: Omg look! there's the sun!

dude number 2: the what?

dude number 1: the Sun, aka, bre?!

dude number 2: why would you call her "the sun"?

dude number 1: because she's so hot! :)
by ricky lmnop October 16, 2010
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most sexiest girl that ever walked on the earth. talented. great personality. can to her for hours. GREAT IN BED! you cant stand not talking to her for more than 2 hours. funny. the only girl you have acutally ever loved!
Dude, i think i found a bre!
by monkeymarth2345 January 17, 2009
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