Serbian word that you can basically add gazillions of times in a sentence for absolutely no reason.

Something like American ''yo''.

You can't define this word.
Alo bre nemoj da me prcas pedercino. A bre ima ti jebem sve zivo i nezivo si cuo bre?
by b3asty_coc December 3, 2018
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A girl who is a good lover, and who easily falls in love with the wrong person. Who knows what she is worth and who's mood can go from happy to mad/sad real quick. Who can see a fake bitch a mile away and who yo boyfriend be textin;) She can beat a bitch ass in 2.5 sec while still looking flawless at the end. Shes very talented,beautiful,and an amazing actress. She is worth keeping so fellas if you got her keep her. You'll regret letting her go.
Bro I think I'm in love with bre. She amazing. I want her:)
by Jackadam517 July 9, 2018
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A beautiful girl who is always confused no matter what. She will look around and say "I'm lost". She laughs a lot.
Bre is so funny.
by brb0513 May 24, 2018
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A beautiful talented women a great mother to her kids and loves to give even if she doesn't have it herself puts her kids first then family and will definitely beat ur ass over hers and is in love with someone that she has recently been in a relationship with and always willing to lead a hand she also thinks she can dance but she is very fashionable every time she goes somewhere
Bre is just fantastic 😍.
by Taekeea February 25, 2017
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Beautiful, talented girl who is amazing in bed; loves being on top. Loves helping people whenever possible and does a damn good job at it. Will go out of her way to make anyone happy. Gives hugs more than the average person breathes. She's practically perfect, anyone would be lucky to know her because she makes everyone's day brighter with her beautiful smile. She's an ideal girlfriend and knows how to satisfy her man.

Without her the world would go dark and everyone would die.
"Wow, i really need a Bre in my life!"
by Elizabeth Cooper February 5, 2010
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A Sexy, strong willed, Passionate, Very sexual, compassionate person who will do most anything for her friends & Family. If you have the chance to be with a Bre, Don't pass it by. You'll regret you made that choice.
"Bre was the best thing that ever happened to me!"
by Her #1 admirer March 1, 2009
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