A table in which you can place objects onto when you dont feel like carrying it in your hands/pockets
"Yo, tom can you take my weed and set it on my nightstand"?
by max_the_tiger July 21, 2014
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Nightstanding is a sexual act that takes place in a bedroom that has ample space for “activities”. One person leaps from atop a nightstand aiming for vaginal or anal insertion with their penis or strap-on. This can only be done in missionary or doggystyle position. Any other position may lead to serious injury or impalement.

Nightstanding can occur with multiple combinations of participants, thus requiring the use of two nightstands. This is referred to as Double-Nightstanding. It is suggested that a king bed be used when performing the double-nightstand technique.

Nightstand(ing/s) can also be used as a code word when referencing any sexual act or activity.
“(Naomi) If we get a king bed there would be no room for activities. (Sylvio) I think you mean there wouldn’t be any more room for nightstands. (Dwayne) Wait a minute, don’t you mean Nightstanding?”
by RedBeardedDragon May 25, 2021
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After a long night of drinking, and you wake up and feel pretty good. And slowly the worst fucking hangover ever ruins your life!!! I might be dieing!!!
I felt so good this morning, now I have a Chinese Nightstand!
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1. Boots that would look at home near a nightstand, amid a pile of clothes, next to a bed occupied by the owners of the aforementioned clothes.

2. Boots that a sexually promiscuous woman would wear.
"Damn girl, those are nightstand boots if I ever saw them."

Stacy: "Oh my god did you see her boots?"
Gwen: "Oh my god, TOTAL nightstand boots."
by Drecid December 29, 2014
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Two nightstand: (v.) when you fly to Philly, rent an Airbnb, sleep with a guy named Tristan for two days then come home to your husband never to speak of the situation again.
Well, I put so much work into this trip so I mine as well have a two nightstand
by T1212 July 6, 2019
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Participant A stands in a handstand fully erect with a dildo protruding from his anus whilst participant B executes an old fashioned HJ and participant C works the dildo. All 3 participants are wearing ostrich boots, naturally.
I walked in on my mom and uncle performing the longhorn nightstand again whilst my dad worked the C position, I can’t unsee this
by Buffalo Gums May 8, 2021
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Step #1 person one lies down on the ground wearing uncle fester's coat pulled up to expose his erect falice.

Step #2 the second person does a hand stand over the top of person one's erect falice

Step #3 the second person begins to slowly Lower themselves down until the erect falice is as far down their throat as humanly possible (no visible falice is preferred)

Step #4 person one then places a lightbulb firmly in the second person's anus and then lays back down once the bulb begins to glow.

Step #5 enjoy uncle festers nightstand
That party was wild last night. I saw some chick get an uncle fester's nightstand on the kitchen counter
by Jamscone April 28, 2022
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