You sitting there looking SOS now that you lost all your money gambling.
by Mz. Foxie February 17, 2019
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Person One: When I see her it is gonna be SOS!
Person Two: Ooooh you gonna snatch that weave!
by qwertyuioplkijuhytrel February 19, 2014
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Dude i went to a party and saw a chick i wanted to SOS so bad!
by Slinkybean96 June 07, 2011
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The sexual reference of SOS stands for "Shit on shingles". When you "SOS" someone , you get naked and take a shit on their chest , cover it with country gravy , then eat it.
"Man , this girl is so kinky , she wants me to give her some SOS."

"I know I barely met you, but Im ready for some SOS."
by CougarTom July 31, 2013
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1. Stands for "Save our Souls."

2. An overdone joke in the YouTube Poop community where the Poopers use sentence mixing to make said person/character say "sauce," but is commonly written as "sos." It is said that only babies laugh at these jokes.
SOS!!! We're stuck here on this friggin' island! SOS!!!
by sad_boi June 21, 2017
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