An acronym meaning "Same Old Shit". This is pronounced "Soss". This term is used to describe a person's life as being the same old thing.
Jenny: Hey Joe! What's new?

Joe: Nothing much. Just the SOS.
by funny fellas January 14, 2014
some-one-special, some-one-sexy, or some-one-stupid. if you ever see someone write I LOVE SOS, thats what it means.
omg, i <3 SOS. hes so hott
by Antonigsdrf November 18, 2007
Term used by Naval Officers In Time Of Great Need Meaning "Save Our Ship!"
"Capt.Henderson, Send Out A S.O.S Pronto!"
by Alex September 14, 2003
SOS stands for shoot on sight which is pretty self explanatory. It is the only type of "contract" or "warrant" that is more severe than the classic dead or alive because it exclusively solicits the killing of the target with no other option.
If barry keeps talking shit to the police they are gonna put some paper on his ass or may order an SOS.
by saharadryhumor January 15, 2015
Abbreviation for: Send off Status.

The act of purposely sending someone off.blowing them off, purposely misleading them.
Sabina is on that SOS again.

That girl i was suppose to meet, was all on SOS.
by propelzero90 December 21, 2010
Though originally meaning 'Save our Ship'. It can also be used as 'Save our Souls'. Used in situations of much panic and much sad and much desperation. Used to make sure that two souls are saved. We can say save our souls when in much bad situation. It can also be used by two people praying to god or any greater being and asking that being to save their souls. They would be like 'Save our SOULS!'
Lana: Oh my god! I have Ms. Cripps for next period. I bet she is going to have a pop quiz! SMS rn
Mindy: You need to SYS bae! You'll need it! But I have a history quiz after lunch... I don't even know what it's about! Help Me!
Lana: Ahhhh! SOS!

*On Island*
Jane: I don't think we can last much longer without food!
Sam: Let us pray together for food.
Jane: That is a good idea. Dear supreme being, whoever is up there, please SOS!
by iangel.ily November 18, 2014