Typically a very sexy, sweet guy. Usually British.
If you were to look up the sexiest man alive, there would be a photo of Barry.
by BestCrush February 26, 2010
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Scottish slang, chiefly Edinburgh, used to mean something good.
"Awright, Mike! It's pure barry n that to hear fae ye, mate"
by sengabus August 31, 2006
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A western term used to describe a male with a larger than average phallace, namely 8 inches and over. Mainly used in North American vicinities but occasionally heard in Britain.
Woman after night of passion: Oh my God. That was amazing Ted.
Ted: You could say I was a Barry?
Woman: Definitely was a Barry.
by carrie o'hanlon November 11, 2007
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the name for a man of great strength an amazing beauty, not your average guy also wears extra large condoms eventhough he has a pinner
'wow look over there hes a barry!'
by holli the bazer holz November 30, 2006
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1. barry is slang for the magnum brand ice cream (started by the treatment of a magnum by a middle aged man called Barry Exton)
2. a penis
3. anything that can be described as 'barry' which in fact means nothing, actually is more positive that negative
'set us a barry creamy'
'that was bare barry'
'give him a bare barry shanking'
by Barry is a legend July 6, 2006
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to barry (verb):

to vomit, puke, barf, chuck up, hurl; usually due to excessive alcohol consumption

//Meaning originated in the south but is now in wide-spread use throughout most parts of the UK//
1) oh no, i think i'm going to barry... not again... *bleurgh*
2) last night was mental, can't believe how many times i barried
by swbgs May 31, 2008
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