adjective; to have barry (Celtic)

Barry represents strength. A natural leader whose followers are both fearful and loyal. A natural charmer who uses his wit and comical personality to advance his agenda. Handsome and intelligent, he rules with chest-pounding confidence. It is said that gazing into his hypnotic eyes can subdue the wild beast.

Erect, spear-like. A constant state of hardness. Ready at a moment's notice.
He doesn't have the barry to win this game!
by phd_beefman February 05, 2010
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The most amazing form of life. Once one encounters a Barry, that person's perception of life will change drastically. The weather in the world will forever be changed. Once you go Barry, you won't go back.
Man, our meteorology professor is very barry amazing.
by Juliet November December 09, 2011
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A Barry is a person, different one, very unique and a bit wierd. But never the less loves to speak shit. An old Barry is usually that gray haired Guy that you pass on the road and pay no notice to. Barry after a few drinks likes to be philosophical, but can never seem to get the point across. Barry likes his wine, a lot of it, can't stop telling people about his younger days. Never the less we love Barry
That Barry
by Andyc123666 December 26, 2016
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A western term used to describe a male with a larger than average phallace, namely 8 inches and over. Mainly used in North American vicinities but occasionally heard in Britain.
Woman after night of passion: Oh my God. That was amazing Ted.
Ted: You could say I was a Barry?
Woman: Definitely was a Barry.
by carrie o'hanlon November 10, 2007
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Barry, the synonynm for rectum or anus. A Barry is part of your digestive system in which faeces is depositited from the backdooral region. Can also be used when descibing someone who is infact a BUMHOLE . Please note , if a barry is incorrectly washed or wiped it may lead to itching or mild bleeding from the anus.
" I want to smash in Jennys backdoor , RIGHT IN THE BARRY MY LADS!!! "
" Brodie is such a barry he can go suck of Levi "
via giphy
by Barry :) February 20, 2020
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