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An acronym for "Piece of shit". This is pronounced "Poss". This can be used to insult someone who is not showing you any respect or it can be used to describe something that does not work properly.
a) That idiot kept bothering me so I called him a POS!

b) This computer keeps giving me problems! It's a POS!
by funny fellas January 13, 2014
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making someone's beliefs out as fiction
I can not stand the fact that every time I tell people about my beliefs in Christianity, people keep putting me down by santaclausing my beliefs!
by funny fellas January 09, 2014
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A worthless pile of crap, commonly called the devil, who is also the enemy of both Christian people and God and who has nothing better to do than to make life miserable for the billions of people who live all over the world.
Mike: Satan keeps harassing me.

Joe: I know. He's been doing that for thousands of years!
by funny fellas January 15, 2014
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a hellhole where kids have to spend their time going to for a big chunk of their lives, in order to learn useless crap, while at the same time getting harassed, bullied and picked on by stupid kids and being yelled at by stupid pathetic teachers.
John: I hate going to school. There are too many stupid asshole kids there. I want to quit.

Joe: Well, you've got to put up with it and stay in school so you can get a good job at the end, unfortunately.
by funny fellas January 25, 2014
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The act of a person taking revenge against someone by harassing that individual or embarrassing that individual while he/she is working in a service job
There was this loser I knew in high school. I wanted to get even with him for the things he did to me many years ago. I knew which restaurant he worked at so I took service job revenge against him by asking the waitress the exact time and day that he worked. Once she told me the exact time and day that he worked, I came in at that exact time and day that she told me and sat down. The loser had to serve me! He must have felt really embarrassed!
by funny fellas January 13, 2014
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A person who has had so much cosmetic surgery on his or her face that it is so obvious as you look at that person's face.
That lady had so many surgeries done to her face. As you look at her, you can easily tell that she's a plastic face!
by funny fellas January 13, 2014
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