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An acronym for "Fuck off and die, you piece of shit". This can be pronounced Foh-dih-poss or Foh-a-dih-poss. This is something you would say to someone who is not showing you any respect.
Some idiot was harassing me like anything the other day, so I said to him, "FOADYPOS"
by funny fellas January 14, 2014
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A gesture which indicates "yes, of course', commonly used in India. This gesture is where people move their head in a strange manner which looks like a sideways figure 8.
When I was in India, I asked people "yes" or "no" questions and when they meant to say "yes", they used a sideways figure 8 head nod to indicate that they meant yes.
by funny fellas January 13, 2014
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The poop that comes out of a person's butt when that person has diarrhea.
John had diarrhea today. Liquid poop kept coming out of his butt.
by funny fellas January 17, 2014
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a person who causes trouble.
That idiot starts fights all the time! What a shitmaker!
by funny fellas January 14, 2014
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The act of behaving abusively towards other people.
I do not appreciate your shitheadedness towards people!
by funny fellas January 14, 2014
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a hellhole where kids have to spend their time going to for a big chunk of their lives, in order to learn useless crap, while at the same time getting harassed, bullied and picked on by stupid kids and being yelled at by stupid pathetic teachers.
John: I hate going to school. There are too many stupid asshole kids there. I want to quit.

Joe: Well, you've got to put up with it and stay in school so you can get a good job at the end, unfortunately.
by funny fellas January 26, 2014
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That guy over there is such a turdball! All he ever does is insult people. Someone should just punch him!
by funny fellas January 16, 2014
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