Short for "Stay on Subject"
Used primarily in online classrooms; when the chatbox explodes with non-important topics such as the teacher's hair or a student's favorite aunt.
In physics class:

Dave: "Dude, my aunt is such a crazy cat person"
Mary: "Really? My uncle has a manic obsession with growing purple flowers"
Isaac: SOS guys
Teacher: Dave, Mary, and Isaac. What have I told you about talking about things not related to the subject material?
by arc.t415 October 02, 2014
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Someone Over (the) Shoulder.

It can be used when your mother is standing right behind you and keeping a watch on what you are doing on the net. Obviously, you cannot tell your girlfriend or whomever that your mom is behind you, so you can just type SOS.
That way your mom won't understand but the person you are talking to can be careful.
Your GF- HEY!
*your mom comes behind and watches the screen*
GF- Ok. How are you?
*normal and formal chat follows and your mom ain't suspicious*
*Day Saved*
You can use it against your wife too.
by akky47 October 10, 2010
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Contraction of 'so is'.
eg. "Just wait, I'm coming".
Response "So's Christmas."
by Tracy Kolenchuk May 17, 2006
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When you have no mobile signal and it only shows the red SOS sign
Wylie says: hey valerie, please can I use your mobile phone?

Valerie says: Oh no I would let ya, but I have SOS.
by vky123123 December 08, 2010
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Special Occasion Sex:
Sex that is had during special occasions.

i.e: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Graduation, New Job, etc...
The sex that some couples have only consists of S.O.S.
by AnonymousLatina July 16, 2011
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An S.O.S. call is an internationally accepted Morse code distress signal. S.O.S. is sent by people on a ship when they are in danger of drowning, but I have read online that it was also used by pilots b4 they have been shot down. I don't think, though, that sailmen or pilots are the only ones who use the S.O.S. signal. Since it is an Intrnationally accepted distress code, anyone stranded and in serious trouble with no way of getting a phone call trough or any other means of communication have to relly on S.O.S.!

This signal can be transmitted in various ways. It can be sent out as an audio tone, along a telephone wire as an electrical pulse, as long or short pulses of a radio signal, or as a visual signal by using a flash light, also it could be as simple as banging on something or making some kind of noise. It is codified as three dots, then three dashes and three dots again. This sequence is without any space between the dashes and dots. The three dots signify the letter S and the letter O is formed by three dashes.
(info on this I got from reading about it on other websites and magazines.)

There are various phrases that are used as a full form of SOS. They are as follows:

Save Our Souls, Save Our Ship, Send Out Sailors, Save Our Sailors, Stop Other Signals and Survivors On Ship.
"Our only hope is that someone hears aor S.O.S. signal in time...".
"Sir, we're getting an faint S.O.S. signal from somewhere in our vicinity."
by PedaVas December 22, 2012
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Acronym for one of the following: Slap On Sight, Smack On Sight, or Shoot On Sight. Term originaly appeared in the hip hop underground of the mid 1990's though its use has resurfaced recently. Can be used to describe a threat, to issue a threat, or describe an action in the past tense.
"I'm going to S.O.S. Jaime for what he did the other day." Or "I'm putting an S.O.S. on Andre." Also, "When Jackie saw Olivia, she S.O.S.'d her."
by Vohton June 10, 2006
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