Girls genitals, pussy, twat, etc etc
"Damn that girl must have a sweet ass naval."

"I would like to see your naval"

in front of girls:

"Yo bro ima get me some naval tonight"
by DOPAM1NE September 14, 2009
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It is an arabic name used for girls, and it means generousity. It's also used in great persian poems by the great poet "Hafez".
His Naval and greatness had been spread among the human beings.

It means he had been generous to humans.
by Emelie.april August 17, 2018
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This word in particular has several meanings to it. "The ancients" which is a population that used to leave in India approximately 3000 years ago. The word "Gentatsu" was taboo under the people of the ancients until 800(BC). The ancient kingdom and culture fell apart because of a little boy of the age 6 who listend to the name Naval by introducing the word "AnalCunt" to the ancients.

Archaeologist recently found hieroglyphs in Egypt which referred to this historic event. It is still a mystery what the hieroglyph exactly says about the ancients but the words: "AnalCunt", "cloud-", "darkie .... horses", "white-liquid on the eyes", "12 Naughty Girls Masterbating 7 (part1).avi" and "12 Naughty Girls Masterbating 7 (part2).avi"

People nowadays use "Gentatsu" as referrence to the little boy called Naval when being perverted.
Omg! Look at that guy streaking!! What a Naval
by Spootnick January 15, 2007
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It's when you receive a clothes gift from a friend or family member, that just didn't realize that you were 10 times smaller the last time you saw them. (Normally from that distant friend or relative you see once a decade)
Aunt June sent me a Naval Breaker for Christmas, it's practically a sports bra!
by Missi Long October 25, 2006
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semen left in the belly button after ejaculation on the stomach.
Of course I didn't use a condom. I left her on the bed with a towel and a fresh batch of naval jelly
by Poot there it is!!! December 17, 2016
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A place that breeds the finest damn good ol’ American boys known to man. These are the kind of people who every father is proud to have as a son and every mother wants their daughter to marry. Midshipman are all incredibly smart and technically savy people with rock hard bodies and morals that would make a preacher proud. They are groomed for success and affluence and graduating means that they can write their ticket just about anywhere. Everything is a competition to them- especially sports, getting women, and drinking. The food at USNA has special chemicals that make your dick bigger so these already hung fucks can lay more pipe than a plumber. These salty bastards can drink even the most thirsty frat boys under the table and know how to show women a good time both in and out of the sack. Basically, Midshipman are what Willis was talking about and the personification of Charlie Sheen's "winning".
Example 1:
Civillian frat boy pussy with girlfriend: Hey man, I bet I can beat you in beer pong.
Midshipman: I bet you don’t even know how to grip a football. You’re on. *In. Bounce.*
Civillian frat boy pussy with girlfriend: Lucky shot. *Rim. Air-ball*
Midshipman: My turn *In. In. Balls back. In. In. Girlfriend of frat boy starts unbuckling the Mid’s pants and leads him to the laundry room.*
Civillian frat boy pussy that used to have a girlfriend: Man, he’s good…

Example 2:
Welcome to the Naval Academy. Ladies, commence ovulation.
by Floppy nutsack jack June 23, 2011
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