Strictly Only Brothers(SOB)
Used by by the rap group SOB x RBE
by gary spongebobs slave June 13, 2018
Acronym for “strictly only brothers
SOB’s only at the party.
by danny duncan lover May 17, 2018
Sexually Oriented Business
Any strip club, titty bar etc.
I worked in a bar that was SOB.
Strip clubs are SOB's.
by Liberty Panzram June 7, 2021
Stale Off the Boat. To call people who are no longer FOB (fresh off the boat) but still socially awkward.
"I'm a proud FOB."

"Dude, you are not fresh anymore, Approaching your 6th year in the US, you should be stale by now."

"So what am I?"

"SOB - Stale Off the Boat."
by findmestamp August 29, 2011
Nickname for a cute, snarky little pistol of an artist who goes more formally by Jenipher Sob. She has a rare birth mark on her side in Old English that actually spells out SOB. She is a jokester and an instigator of humourous good times, mayhem, kung fu, 3 fingered pushups, collaborative art, spontaneous outbursts of tomfollery, hilarious wittyisms and random nonsense for the sake of bringing a smile to your day so get happy. She is a rare breed indeed and her affections should be cherished for best results, lest she unleash the beast of piss & vinegar, and trust me, you don't want that to happen because she's Polish and you'll miss her if she doesn't want to be your friend anymore. She can light up a room but make sure you bring your ear plugs because this scrappy gal has no volume control.
If you know Jen Sob, then you already know. If you don't know, then you have no clue!!
by catlesscatlady February 3, 2010