A wretched and disgusting person.(From Son Of A Bitch.Not pronounced as a word)
I Hate it when those S.O.B.s call me things like Flowery, Pussy whipped, and a racist halfwit(I am against descriminating Blacks, Jews, Asians, Hispanics, and other races due to the fact that racism is unaccaptable) because I am not any of those things and this is a dictionary anyway.
by Light Joker July 01, 2004
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Strictly only brothers
RBExSOB that's the gang BITCH!!!!!!!!
by Petty.com November 25, 2017
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Son of Boss. Used by the maintenance crew when the boss's son works as a temp for the maintenance crew.
"Hey guys wanna take some LSD this Satur.....

(S.O.B walks by)

Oh crap it's the S.O.B, gotta watch what you say around him!"
by Fealix August 08, 2013
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it stands for son of a bitch! or from the show sons of butcher
um cant really describe s.o.b.
by Dfox20 April 25, 2007
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A klick formed in the coachella valley filled with hustlers, chronic smokers, and money makers who live life one day at a time, always on there grind. The krew was established october 17 2007 by Rich Money & scrappy.
Smoking On Budda S.O.B
by smoking on budda July 10, 2008
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