Let's go to SOB to get some HOES
Adelitas is located at SOB
You can pick up a street girl for 20$ at SOB
by Oscar S. November 4, 2007
something you say when the editors wont take some of your words that you send in
by dang it September 23, 2006
Subaru OutBack

An overpriced car of wagon configuration that everybody has. They all look the same and colors rarely deviate from red, green, and white. Also have a tendency to leak oil.

Subaru Legacies are included as they are the same thing but older.
Can't go two blocks without seeing an SOB! I hope all of their engines seize soon.
by KillerQ13 August 7, 2005
A saying used when feeling unhappy or sad via text or email.
(This is by no means sara's saying)

***It is also known as james'saying***
I hate you sob sob.

sob sob

I feel ugly sob sob
by James.S. February 9, 2006
convulsive gasp made while weeping; cry uncontrollably
There's one thing that you gotta do
to make me still want you:

Gotta stop sobbing now!!!!
by delpili August 14, 2007
A: yooooooo wu??
B: nm u?
A: sobs
by rinkel October 11, 2009