a cry-baby;a whiner;a malcontent;a dishonest leader;politician;same old bull (sob) sob story (Bush`s9-11 repetition monologue)
Well Dick Cheney is on the news with his latest "SOB" stories
by Alfred Einstine October 15, 2003
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Shorthand for the phrase 'Son Of a Bitch' (A.K.A Mike)
Girl: Mike why do you always have to be a SOB?
Mike: What's that?
Girl: Sorry forgot dogs don't speak english...
by mysterious_writa September 25, 2004
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S.O.B. = Son Of a Bitch
A.K.A. talking bout yo momma is a bitch.
Austin 3:16, say i just whooped your ass, ya son of a bitch.
by Boston George August 03, 2005
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To Shit On Balls, an extreme dump
Person 1: Dude I just blew up the toilet, I shit all over my balls.

Person 2: Damn son SOB is never a good time.

See Also FOB
by paulg08 July 25, 2008
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(Suck On Balls) this is a very rarely used summary. It Means to suck on a males testicles.
by 6alex9 August 14, 2006
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