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1) Slang for a knife or any other small cutting/stabbing weapon, often homemade; think inmates with sharpened toothbrushes.
2) The act of utilising the aforementioned small cutting/stabbing weapon to cut/stab someone.
"I'ma shiv you, bitch!"
by Daemon July 27, 2002
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A Home Made Knife made out of Anything but metal. Not to be confused with a Shank (a home made knife made of metal).

Shivs are usually made of Glass, Wood, or Scrap Plastic

Shived- To be stabbed by a Shiv
"I heard that Guy from Cell block B was coming to Shank me... He'll be surprised when I've got my Shiv deep in his Lungs"
by Immortal-Jake May 03, 2006
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A shiv is a weapon made out of an commonplace object often in prison, also perhaps the origin of which is as a acronym a Self Honed Implement of Violence (SHIV).
A shiv could be a sharpened toothbrush made into a knife.
by Sarah Green January 27, 2006
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A rowdy, street-smart playboy. Has anger management issues. Shivs are normally the type of people who seem a bit phony and fake at first, but once u get to know them u wanna stay with them. Beware though. A shiv will probably ditch u the moment he finds something Better.
Remember that punk at the bar?? He was totally a shiv! The way he tried to chat us up!
by KingOfAwesomeness November 22, 2013
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A name that derives from Sanskrit meaning "auspicious one". Also refers to one whom is a strange and weird but is actually nice. Shiv describes someone who is passionate about their interests and is very intelligent. Also someone who cares deeply for their friends. He is someone who can hold a good conversation. He is someone who can be a trusted friend.
"Wow I never realized how smart Shiv is. He always seemed peculiar."
by Elleshell July 20, 2019
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punishment doled out to friends and enemies alike for the crime of being a wuss or ignoramus. the stab-ee receives a stiff thumb jabbed into the ribcage while the stabber yells 'shiv!', pantomiming the act of brandishing a makeshift blade fashioned from a prisonhouse toothbrush.
you: "shiv!"
your wussy friend: "ow! my wussy ribs!"
by laurosaur March 23, 2005
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