A woman born in Ireland or a woman of Irish decent.

Most Irish women are strong-willed, bold, intelligent, and kind-hearted with a lovely pale complexion.

Many Irish women (and men) from generation after generation have been raised to be strong and bold. The Irish-Americans have also been raised to be strong and bold since their ancestors suffered through racism after leaving Ireland during the potato famine.

Many racist stereotypes still exist for Irish women (and men). Many of these are that they're rude, hot-headed, loud-mouthed, drunks. These stereotypes are rarely ever true of course.
*Bob is suddenly smitten with the wrath of hell (and a good hit to the head)*

(Bob recovers)

Bob: "Did you just see that Irish woman lose her temper with me! Just as I say, they're all loud-mouthed, hot-headed, potato eating--"

Jacob: "Oh shut up already. You were insulting her sex, race, and her overall worth as a human being. You deserved to be put in your place by that Irish woman."
by Mr. Respect December 19, 2010