Shivs Possibly the most frequently used word in trendy Montreal kids' vocabulary. “Shivs” can be used to describe most situations in life. A person can be shivs, a place can be shivs, a situation can shivs, hell even life itself can be shivs sometimes. Synonyms include: sketchy, socially awkward, annoying, and weird.
Girl 1: Did Nick just pick up that dirty hobo's boxers?

Girl 2: Shivs.

Girl 1: I went to that craziest party ever last night, I got there and fifteen minutes later the cops busted it!

Girl 2: Shivs.

Girl 1: I just bought the new Miley Cyrus album!

Girl 2: you is shivs.

by cynder January 12, 2009
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It another type of move with a knife. Shanking is stabing. SHIVING is slashing or cutting.
by bob god July 11, 2011
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shit, because t-9 won't let you type shit and you're too lazy to do it yourself.
In a text message: I'll be right out, I had to deal with some shiv.
by micblic May 25, 2009
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A portmanteau of "make shift" and "knife" (or "knives"), used to describe a homemade weapon made up of objects one would find in a prison that is not metallic.
Hey, grab your shiv and lets shank his ass.
by CaPsi December 06, 2007
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a home-made weapon used for CUTTING, not stabbing. a sharpened tooth-brush is not a shiv, that is a shank, which is used for stabbing.
guy 1:"i got cornered on my last day in prison, i was lucky i had my shiv!"
guy 2:"oh sweet! im going to jail soon, how do you make one?"
guy 1:"take a razor blade and a lighter in with you, then melt the blade to your toothbrush."
by cutter-of-stuff December 30, 2010
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Shiv is an awesome guy who is funny and is always there to help you. He handsome and one of the best friends you will possibly encounter.
My best friend is a Shiv
by SÅ  November 14, 2018
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1. knife or blade(noun)

2. stab(verb)

shiv or chiv is English 20th century slang, prob from earlier Thieves' slang "chive" meaning knife, derived from Romany.
He's got a shiv=he's shivved up
she shivved him= she stabbed him
by guttapercha January 21, 2011
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