Type of gods name. Shiv: king of all gods

Shiv: always happy ,very powerful , nice ,kind , easy to talk to, has a lot of power , always there if you need help , good looking and respectful
Shiv is the most powerful name
by I'm.everyone's. king August 22, 2018
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It’s a hindu male’s name based on Lord Shiva the God.
Person 1: What’s your first name?

Person 2: My first name is Shiv.
by Groovydroovy June 16, 2020
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Shiv is a person that can be suicidal and shit after someone precious to him leaves him but in the end he is fine, he is mostly a pretty goofy but good friend, he can be serious at times but keeps the fun wherever you go, he won’t chat with his family members as much as he does with friends, he likes to play games and socialise, he also is a ambivert. Plus he after some while respects you for whatever you are. He can be a good ladies man, he can 😏
Shiv: i kinda wanna die...
by Wonder123 October 19, 2019
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What happens when someone gets shafted. Has no conjugation or plural form. A shiv occurs when a person is blindsided by an unfortunate event.
Dante: did you hear what Biz did?
Nino: no, what did he do?
Dante: he shiv Leo so hard! He got with his girl!
Nino: no way, this guy biz is an opp
by Thisguyleo November 19, 2019
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Form of punching: To jab through a crowd and to hit the face of a deserving target, by missing the nose and striking the cheek bone.

To shiv properly the target should do a complete spin on their axis.
by WhimsicalMcGee July 15, 2011
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Essentially a person who is all around great and fabolous (that is if you can handle this name) A person with a huge penis and attracts all the ladies with his muscular smart being. Smells great. Plays tons of video games. Is not gay
Have you seen that Shiv over there?
by That random polish person 1011 November 05, 2017
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to thrust towards someone or somthing with a blunt, rusty, serrated knife.
by perry March 06, 2006
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