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Spam for spam, a common phrase on instagram and other social blogging websites, basically a user requesting you to like a large number of their pictures in return for them liking a large number of yours.
by island August 22, 2013
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Shout Out for Shoutout

Commonly used by Instagramers to request a return shoutout once a shoutout is provided to another Instagramer in an effort to get more followers.
Neal: SFS for more followers please.
Bob: OK, will do @neal
by iSizzlechest June 28, 2014
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So Fucking Stressed

When you are stressed out beyond belief and you just can't take it anymore.
Bob: Finals are tomorrow bruh
Fred: Oh Shit I'm SFS!
Bob: I know I haven't even started studying yet nikkuh
Fred: It's too much to handle I give up
by Johhny Chocolate January 17, 2011
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Short for Sexual Frustration Syndrome; the state of being sexually aroused and/or frustrated. The need for sexual healing to alleviate chagrin.
Dude, I've got major SFS, I need to get some pootang.
by Schmooie January 25, 2007
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sfs= Shower-fap-sleep

using it on facebook, or txt msg to say bye or expressing the need to go sleep
guy1: sfs!

guy2: see ya!
by Galvaude1811 September 20, 2011
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