A mental block that clouds your brain when people piss the fuck out of you, and all you can think about is beating the living soul outta them. When you eat sooo much you undergo a transformation of becoming FATT, yes, big belly fat, and u start having amnesia about the normal duties of life like showering.

A good scenario would be going to a fucked up school with fucked up people, and when you dont get enough time to study you have to stress about pretending to be sick or actually GETTING urself sick so you dont have to go to school the next day.

Guy who Threw Crap: Here! Let me throw another one at you!!!!!


The Guy unfortunately gets beaten up reallll good!
what can i say? stress some1 out like that and this is whatcha get!!
by IMSTRESSED February 04, 2009
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I feeling of depression or sadness. A way of holding in all of your emotions.
Emma: "ughhh I'm so stressed!"
Lucas: "want to talk?"

Emma: "No I'm fine."
by may minion April 06, 2017
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Why is it we eat candy, chocolate, ice cream when we are stressed??? Stressed backward is desserts. Mind = blown1
Guy1: bro I'm desserts
Guy2: you mean stressed?
Guy1: yeah
by Jelly54320 November 11, 2018
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What you would say to a person who something hilarious happened to. That is not funny for the other person.
Guy #1: Dude! I just made out with a guy! >:(

Guy #2: Stressed! LMFAO xD
by Luluuu October 23, 2010
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Stressed is "desserts" spelled backwards. If you or someone you know are stressed, eat more desserts! (Do NOT eat too many or you'll have poor health and weight issues).
Person 1: I'm so stressed about this test!
Person 2: Have a cupcake!
by Burrito._. June 08, 2017
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When you hate work and school so much that your brain can't focus and all you think about is work.
Ffion: I'm so stressed today.
Aimee: Me too, honestly.
by Anonyrain July 19, 2019
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The confusion caused when ones mind overrides the body’s natural desire to choke the living shit out of some asshole that desperately needs it.
I used to have stress all the time but now that I've read this I've been able to be stress free!
by Freder!ck August 21, 2005
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