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An individual or object predominantly defined and explained by its sketchy nature.
That bloke in the white van is dusty.
by Voltairejunior July 29, 2018
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describes someone or something that's ugly and/or badly dressed.
Jimmy over there talking to that one dusty ass chick.
by qdmasta September 02, 2003
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Unkempt or unclean. Typically characterized by wrinkled clothing and excessive facial hair
"Man, go home and shave, you're too dusty"
"I can't believe you showed up to meet the landlord looking so dusty"
by Anon11238 May 29, 2012
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To be ugly or gross. Usually how a guy defines an ugly girl.
Me: Yo kyle look how dusty that girl is!
Kyle: Yeah man I know!

James: I saw that dust last week!
by Rtags613 October 01, 2012
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The state in which one wakes after a heavy night involving alcoholic beverages (getting otfp). The state is known to make people say things they never usually say, such as: "Can someone just fucking kill me", "I'm never drinking again". It's a feeling that no person ever wants to experience, as it reminds them that they are aging and their body can no longer perform with ease the next day, after participating in a bender or a big night out.
"I just woke up and fuckk I'm Dusty". "I have never been this Dusty in my life."
by PencilChase July 05, 2018
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partially smoked cigarettes that you find on the ground, or in ashtrays. smoked by poor people when they're really fiending.
'got a smoke bro?'
'nah man, i'm all out, should we go hunting for dusties?'
'fuck, might as well'
by dustiehunter420 November 12, 2013
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an adjective describing a mentality or state of rambunctious inebriation, often resulting in embarrassment or uncleanliness
Dude, I got so dusty last night--I passed out on the beach and almost missed the bus home.
by Single G December 19, 2014
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