To blow up in your face. Kinda like how the Galaxy S7 does.
Damn, that plan really S7'd.
by СукаБлять January 16, 2017
1) total rejection of established logic and common sense

2) obvious, perennial loser at scrabulous by more than 7 points
1) all religions are bad because of their absolutism. atheism is the polar opposite of religions. i am an atheist. i am a s7.

2) i'm gonna win this game bindfolded. i'm playing a s7 after all.
by b5 May 26, 2008
A 250 mph, midengine sportscar produced by Mustang tuner, Steven Saleen.
The Saleen S7 was featured in "Bruce Almighty".
by Jeff Goven July 8, 2006
Bruce turned his old car into Saleen S7!

- Oh darn, all this horsepower and no room to gallop. Hi ho silver, away!
by Suklaa September 15, 2018
A phone Lil Wayne REALLY likes pouring champagne on and dumping in fish tanks.
Lil Wayne: Aye Kenny, I'm bout to put you in the fish tank
Kenny: Whaaaaaaaaa?

Galaxy S7.
by yayoshorti56 November 18, 2017
Person 1: Yo, just got the new Galaxy S7
Terrorist: *Takes The Phone* ALLAHU AKBAR!!!!
by LiftedStarfish October 20, 2016