one who works the typical day to day job without motivation . Typically Not interested in self improvement. One who is ok with staying where they are currently at in life. These individuals Prefer to take the quickest and easiest route to success. They lack drive and are ok with the bare minimum .

The opposite of a Hustler.

Adjective: basic bitch, lazy mofo, stagnant individual

⚠️ Hustlers and Rustlers to not get along well .
I used to be a Rustler until I found my passion and became a hustler.
by Dbo the woodsman March 16, 2020
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the hip hopest dance
He can really Do The Rustler!!!
by Dan April 13, 2004
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IRL bully victim who says people should get cancer over the internet because they have no social interaction irl because his dad beats him/her and molests him/her in the shower
We are super rustlers and we don't care we are irl bully victims on twitter
Olly: Let's rustle tonight
RacistBaller: Of course my LORD anything for you
NeyBaertra: yes haha 9/11 cancer jimmies imo

rest of twitter with functioning brain cells and relevant cognition
super rustlers are the worst thing since sliced bread
by LADSfromTwitter October 16, 2014
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Jimmy rustlers are typically people who like to bother others and "rustle their jimmies", or in other words bother the hell out of them.
Anthony: Drew is such a jimmy rustler.

Mike: I know! He needs to stop or he better say his prayers.
by gravityWire November 14, 2013
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Someone in the office who habitually borrows or steals other people's charging cords.

Once in their possession, it is very difficult to get it back, and usually requires the owner of the cable to ask for it back when their own device's battery is <10%.
We've got a cable rustler on our hands, so in these here parts I got me a black knock-off iPhone charging cable instead of the real McCoy.
by tt2012 November 14, 2012
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Abigeus Rustler is fine, well educated, wealthy but modest gentleman, who speaks and acts as if he was a lower class. He does not want to impress women by his status and education, as he wants to get their sincere reaction to his appearance and personality.
He was typical Abigeus Rustler. I fell in love with him believing he was a taxi driver, but he had masters in molecular biology , bustard!
by konjokradica June 2, 2017
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A Rustler Burger consists of chopped up horse meat and children's feet they are often bought in supermarkets and have to be heated up in the microwave
Oi bruv man's gonna get bare rustler burgersinnit fam
by RustlerBurger123 May 2, 2019
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