Anything for you.. means "I love you" you'd do anything for that person!
Her: Thank you soo much you're the sweetest.
Him: Anything for you
by JohnnyJohnJohnson February 12, 2016
Exactly what it means. Not sending anymore facebook messages, texts,. may include slamming doors if the person you don't want to be involved with shows up at your house.
Sarah: I am not wanting anything to do with you.

Mark: Baby give me one more chance!

Sarah: *slams door*
by peoplethesedays September 2, 2010
Meaning if you really really really want, you could shove anything up your rectum or vagina. If you're horny enough, you can (and will) use anything as a masturbatory tool.
You were masturbating with a pizza? How is that even possible???
- Anything's a dildo if you try hard enough!
by Desmond G. April 11, 2014
something you say after a lame excuse to cancel plans with friends, usually for a better offer, without any real intention of considering original plan
a guy you've been dying to go out with asks you to dinner Friday night:

Sorry Rachel - I won't be able to make it to your sister's middle school graduation Friday night - will need to work late that day but if anything changes I'll let you know.
by smores21 July 15, 2012